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By AirMasterParker Part of the Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Republic of Daiya, Earth Confederacy, United Republic of Nations


Earth Kingdom


Naga and Pabu
(as the animal companions of the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color

Golden and white

Skin color

Dark brown (shell)

Skin type

Fur and shell

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Strength, shell


Rolling Sphere


Hikar Firestone, Kensi, Bultina Silverfox, Shaila, Tao Tenba, Denryoku, Kimyona & Takeyon Silverfox, Sterkur Firestone, Vona Firestone, Rohan, Asami Sato, Opal Beifong, Aria Sato, Order of the White Lotus (disbanded), Team Avatar, Avatar Korra, Raava, Kosen Silverfox


Vaatu, Red Lotus (disbanded), Flower Raiders (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha

Chronological and political information

Hikar's animal companion


Team Avatar

First appearance

"New Cycle, Part 1"

Voiced by

Dee Bradley Baker

Nikumi (Nee-KOO-mee) is the animal companion of Hikar Firestone, an armadillo lion Sterkur found abandoned near the village before Hikar was born. Sterkur tamed it and he grew up alongside Hikar, becoming best friends, and alongside Kensi given he was half adopted.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

It's known that before Hikar was born, his father, Sterkur, found a newborn armadillo-lion cub abandoned in the backyard. Seeing it helpless, he decided to adopt him, and after Hikar was born, Nikumi grew up with him and Kensi to be best friends.

Abilities Edit

Nikumi has a special ability: he rolls his body over himself and turns into a speedy hard cannonball that can break metal and take down his opponents.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Naga, it's the second time an Avatar tames an animal from a single species for the first time. He's the first armadillo lion to be tamed like Naga was the first polar bear dog to be tamed.
  • His name, Nikumi (二組), means two sets in Japanese, it's the maximum of persons he can carry on his slippery shell, even though he could carry three people, but that would make him more tired.

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