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Logopolis, Hellas



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175 cm


58 kg
9st 2lbs

Hair color

Light Brown

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Hydro-Hellenic Style

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Arche Conversion


Philip Hellene, Constantine

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Hellenic Army


Philip Hellene


Nikkolas is a tall, thin man. He is rather skinny by anyone's standards. His olive skin has a slight yellow tint. His hair is long, straight and unruly. Nikkolas lacks facial hair and his eyebrows are rather weak.

Nikkolas is notably more casual than his close friend, Philip. He is known to often wear a button-less, collar-less shirt underneath robes.


Nikkolas was born in Hellas. Aged 21, he entered the University of Logopolis, where he read science and graduated with a bachelor's degree. After graduating, he joined the Hellenic Military, where he rose the ranks to become a non-commissioned officer. At age 33, he led his waterbenders in the defence of the Air Temples. After the campaign, he was forced into hiding by Malus Ignus. He supported Philip in his uprising against Ignus and was promoted to Admiral upon success.

He served as a general under King Philip's army in the Fire Nation Civil War and participated in the Siege of Fort Zuko. In the Fort Zuko Duel, he fought alongside Philip Hellene and killed his enemy, Malus Ignus. In the Boiling Rock Raid, he and Philip were badly injured by Azula and her allies. However, with his bloodbending, he was able to remove her bending and take her prisoner.

During the Great War of 175-176 AG, Nikkolas commanded the Royal Hellenic Navy in the 1st Battle of Zaofu, the Battle of Yu Dao Straits and was the master-mind of the ill-fated Chameleon Bay Campaign. He was a staunch believer in the war-winning capabilities of his navy.


Nikkolas is typical of a waterbender. He is level-headed and laid back. Often, as his friends pointed out, he is too laid back. As a child, he would frequently neglect his studies and instead focused on bending battles with his friends.

Nikkolas particularly enjoys diluted cordial, but will occasionally drink it without water.


Nikkolas is a master waterbender. He never carries water, being able to convert anything into water. His waterbending is so powerful, that during his first battle, he was able to overcome numerous comet-enhanced firebenders. His powers are such that he can generate large waves by himself and manipulate several litres of water at once at a rather great distance, distances only thought possible by the Avatar.

Philip taught Nikkolas in elemental conversion and he applied it to waterbending. He is skilled in the matter, and in 0 AG, converted comet-enhanced fire blasts into powerful streams of water and used them against his attackers. Nikkolas never carries a water pouch, as he can instantly convert almost any substance into water. During the Battle of Ursa Plains, he was capable of converting a metal tank into water - this, however, greatly drained his energy.


Nikkolas is a master bloodbender; similar to Yakone, Noatok and Tarrlok, he can bloodbend without the need of a full moon, and can even use it during daytime. He is the only known bloodbender to be able to use it lethally. Nikkolas is immune to bloodbending and cannot be sudued.


Through genetic modification, Nikkolas became a polybender. As well as his control over water, he gained the ability to bend fire and earth. Nikkolas uses such abilities infrequently, because he is rarely involved in combat where it is vital.



Philip Hellene

"He can be tremendously annoying sometimes - he wears a T-shirt and begins his letters with "hey" or "hi". All that aside, he is a close friend of mine."

Nikkolas and Philip are close friends, having both attended the same school. The two share great trust in each other, as they often teach each other new moves. The two like to tease each other for whatever they can. Although they frequently engage in conflict, it is more for the fun of the fight, leaving no malice.

Nikkolas is remarkably more casual than Philip, something which occasionally annoys him, especially with the quote given above.


Nikkolas and Constantine also attended the same school and are close friends. Nikkolas refers to Constantine as the "Funniest man in the world."


  • Nikkolas is named after the author's friend, Nicholas.
    • The peculiar spelling of his name dates back to the original form of the fanon, in which he was intended to be from the Southern Water Tribe.
  • The Duke of Skibbington intended to kill off Nikkolas in a later battle.
  • Nikkolas' failure with the Chameleon Bay Campaign was based on Churchill's failure in the Dardanelles.

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