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Nighttime Stay, Part 1
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The Road that Never Ends




Nighttime Stay



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November 5, 2011

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Setting: Northwest Earth Kingdom; scattered forests and plains

Time: 10:00 PM

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Mako's Instructions

Yin had moped around endlessly the day after her banishment. She landed Lin on the far outskirts of what seemed to be a large city and walked Lin to a barn not far away. After asking if her bison could lodge there for a few days and paying a small housing fee, the farmer who owned the land let Lin stay.

For every wall of the barn, there was one tall double-door. The northern door opened to the path that Yin had followed to find the barn. The path continued out of the ranch and toward the inner city. The eastern door lead to the cropfield, which boasted mostly of dying grapevines and apple trees. Although the crops were left unattended, the livestock on another side of the barn was prospering. The southern exit lead to the ranch, which held a variety of hybrid pigs and chickens held back by a short picket fence. The western door lead through a forested path to the farmer and his wife's decrepit home.

Many lanterns, set up by the farmer's wife who was trying to keep her guest comfortable, were strewn about the cabin. There were two lanterns hanging above each door, one for each side. The wife also gave one lantern to each of the barn's new residents. When Yin said that she had companions on her bison, the wife made the proper accommodations by giving them and Yin each a lantern of their own, in case any of them needed to traverse the unlit shadows of the night.

When Lee and Mako, who had been sleeping ever since their quarrel on the cliff above the Western Air Temple, had awoken, both asked why Yin was acting the way she was. She simply responded with a cold glance at the boys, followed by a mumbled, "I don't want to talk about it". With that, the two brothers gave up.

Now, one day after the previously described events, Lee slept on a large pile of hay. On top of Lin, who was also asleep, Yin meditated calmly, a lantern sitting next to her. Yin had not yet stopped feeling sorry for herself, and thus vented her rage and sadness into fasting and attitude toward anyone who dared to speak to her. Mako quietly crawled up the pile of hay Lee slept on and whispered, "Lee? Leeeeeeeeeeee?" Mako was shaking his brother's shoulder. "Wake up for a second."

Lee's eyes opened hastily and his left hand hovered to his dual dao swords, which he had begun to keep at his side. "What is it?" Lee asked nervously, slowly sitting up and turning his head in every direction. "Is there an intruder?"

"Uh-uh," Mako answered, shaking his head. He glanced at Yin, making sure she was still distracted, and spoke under his breath, "Can you teach me to Firebend better?"

Lee put his hand over his own mouth as he began to chuckle, trying not to disturb Yin's session. After silencing himself as best he could, Lee laid back down and whispered, "Ya know, I'd normally be mad at you for waking me, but what you just said was so funny that I just can't do anything but laugh." Mako started to pout like the baby he was, and Lee put his right arm around his brother's shoulder and sat back up again. "You weren't serious, were you? I can't teach you how to bend. I'm not a bender!"

Yin heard it. She didn't hear it all, but she heard those last two sentences. Hmm... Yin thought speculatively, If Mako wants to learn to bend... Oh, wait. It's probably just a child's fantasy. Seeing me Airbend so much must make Mako envious. I guess I can't get worried about everything they say. With that, Yin tuned herself back out of their conversation.

Mako did not receive the response he desired. "But, but, but you could tell me some stuff about people that you've seen Firebend, like maybe some of your friends from school."

Lee pondered that option for a moment, then quickly shrugged it off. "You know I wasn't in school for that long before mom and dad started homeschooling me. Hell, you've been getting homeschooled for two years now, and that's one year later than I started. How could you expect me to remember any of their names, let alone their techniques?"

Mako scratched his head, trying to think of a rebuttal. Then he got one. "Well, I'm sure mom and dad knew some cool Firebending. Did you ever them in action?"

Lee could not help himself this time. He began to roar in laughter, rolling off of the hay bale and onto the dirt ground of the barn. "You have no idea how disgusting that sounded. No, I have never seen mom and dad use their-"

"Ahem," coughed a looming, menacing figure standing behind Lee's back.

"You're in trouble," Mako whispered, scrambling off of the hay and crawling into the shadows of the nearest corner of the barn.

Lee stood up, but did not turn around. He figured that Yin's glare alone would make him crumble to the floor. "Do not be so loud when I am meditating," she said with a stern, but less frightening voice than Lee had imagined. "It is quite difficult with so much noise." With that, Yin turned at her heels and walked back to Lin.

What's wrong with her? Lee wondered, jumping back onto his hay-bed. Ever since we left that temple, she's been all moody.

"Lee?" Mako whispered, snapping Lee out of his trance. Mako had apparently come back to his brother's side. "How should I learn to Firebend?"

Firebend?! Yin thought, overhearing Mako's voice. What child from the Earth Kingdom would ever want to Firebend?! Maybe Lee hasn't told him about those kinds of things... But Mako would have to realize the Fire Nation's faults after witnessing Pohan Village being burned to the ground! Yin's eyes shifted backward to take a swift glance at Lee. It's time he and I had a little chat.

Lee groaned and turned onto his stomach. "Are you still on that? If you really want to learn to Firebend better, try practicing on your own. It might take you longer, but you'll get it."

Mako's eyes opened wide with excitement. "You mean... you would let me do something on my own? All by myself?"

"Sure," Lee mumbled, "why wouldn't I?"

"It's just that, well, you never let me do anything alone," Mako confessed. "You act more like dad sometimes than my brother." That struck a nerve. Lee turned his head back toward Mako, ready to rant on and on about how him and their father were nothing alike in the slightest, but the boy was already running out of the barn. In his hand he held his personal lantern. "I'm gonna go practice!" Mako called. "I won't go far!" Mako went out the western door, hoping that the trees surrounding the farmer's house would conceal him when he Firebent.

"Mako!" Lee yelled, beginning to stand up. "Don't do anything that could get us thrown out of this barn!"

Yin casually got to her feet and jumped off of Lin. Once she was only a few steps away from Lee she asked, "And what could Mako do that would result in that?"

Defeating the Beast

Meanwhile, Mako was strolling merrily down the darkened path that lead to the owners' home. To his left and right were tall, thick trees. He was looking for the best place to hide.

"I should probably go really far into the woods," Mako said to himself, "just because I don't want those people to see me bending." After playing a game of eany-meany-miney-mo to choose which side of the forest he would venture into, Mako turned right. Once he decided that he'd weaved through enough of the closely-knit redwoods and gotten far enough into hiding, Mako stopped and put down the lantern. "Okay," he whispered, "here I go."

Mako first practiced the move that he'd learned from the Fire Nation soldier in Pohan Village, in which he positioned his right arm in front of him and steadily created a flaming sphere (which, if you need a refresher, almost killed Lee). Although the size of his flame had not grown notably since the last time Mako practiced it, he was proud that he could even replicate the form as well as he had.

Okay, Mako thought, I've used that move enough. I should learn something new soon. Just then, Mako heard a rustle in the trees. He looked up, but saw nothing. Was that an animal? I need to get out of here. When Mako bent over to pick up his lantern, a hog monkey came down from above. The hair all over his body was a dirty shade of orange. The sharp teeth protruding from his lower lip could easily tear through a child's flesh with one bite. The creature's red eyes were black in the low light. Due to the tall, overlapping trees, no brightness shone through to the ground below. Only his lantern permitted Mako to see.

Okay, Mako thought, seeing that the animal was waiting for him to make a move. Dad always said that when you're in an animal's territory, there's no place to run... but I don't know how to fight!

The hog monkey had gotten tired of waiting. Seeing that the animal was charging at him with great agility, Mako's only option was to dodge the hog monkey. It accidentally headbutted a tree that Mako was standing next to, and shattered the lantern in the process. Its right front paw was singed by the fire, and both pf its front legs had shards of glass sticking out in every direction. I guess I have to beat it now, Mako thought, And this is my chance. Mako, beginning to generate a fire in his right hand, knew that it would take a while for him to make something that would do any damage to the beast.

The hog monkey recovered fast, now back on all fours. Mako knew, however, that it wouldn't be able to move that easily after hurting its head as badly as it did.

The animal was dizzy, and its charge was slower. Mako wasn't done creating his fire just yet, but this was not an issue. If I keep dodging him like I am now, I might not even have to kill him. The animal continued to idiotically ram his skull into every tree in the vicinity. The flame in Mako's right hand was now the size of his head, which was, admittedly, small. Even so, the child knew that his luck couldn't go on forever. "Okay," Mako whispered as he dodged another headbutt. "Okay, okay, okay. I've never hit something that was alive with my fire. I probably have horrible aim." Once he was a safe distance away, Mako positioned his right hand (the one with the fire) toward the animal, who was nursing his head once more. "Oh, well. Here goes." With that, the fire shot from Mako's hand.

It looked like a torch was being held by an invisible man who ran at the speed of light. As the hog monkey was starting another charge, the fire made contact with its head. The hair all over his body was set ablaze. It screamed in agony, and worst of all, it was still moving. This was not something Mako had anticipated.

"How could it still be charging?!" Mako screamed, moving out of the way just in time. "It's on fire!" This flaming charge was the animal's last. As it hit its head on yet another tree, the hog monkey shrieked and fell to the ground. It rolled around aimlessly in the dirt, possibly trying to put itself out. It's vision was blurred, its hair nonexistent. After being subjected to the animal's show for over a minute, Mako sighed in relief when it finally died.

There was a fire creeping its was up the last tree the hog monkey had headbutted, but Mako simply put it out by taking his sandal and beating it against the flames.

"That was..." Mako was trying to find the right words that wouldn't make him sound like a homicidal maniac. "That was... That was fun in a scary, freaky, never do that again way." Mako sat down, and when he did he realized how tired he really was. Mako then heard another sound, but it wasn't stealthy like the hog monkey's footsteps. It was a person.

"Young boy, are you alright?" Mako stood back up and turned around to see it was the kindly farmer who had let him, Lee, and Yin stay in his barn. "I heard a ruckus and came to check on things."

The farmer was a thin, sickly-looking man. He wore a sleeping cap on his head and pajama bottoms. His shirt was long-sleeved with a murky green color. In his hand was a lantern like the one Mako had. He didn't seem to be that old, but was getting on in age. If this was also true for his wife, it may have explained why they had only been able to tend to their livestock.

"I got lost," Mako said convincingly. "I wanted to explore the forest, but it was so dark and I got confused. I think I should be getting back to my brother now."

"Of course," the farmer answered. His voice made him sound older than he looked. "But let me introduce myself first. I am Ping. And you are?"

"I'm Mako."

Ping gasped and put his hand on his chin. He proceeded to walk around Mako and survey him thoroughly. "What is your brother's name, boy?"

Mako wondered about the man's reasons for asking such a question, but decided that there were no bad intentions. "His name's Lee."

Ping, immediately after hearing the word 'Lee', grinned a ridiculous grin, nearly the size of Yin's once common smiles. The farmer started to plot his next move. This boy doesn't even know he's been kidnapped! Ping had obviously been one of the many to see the wanted poster. I'll just take him to the authorities. The older brother could probably kill me easily.

"Mako," Ping began, "before I take you back to your companions, I suggest we get you something warm to drink."

Mako face turned excited. "Do you have any tea?"

"I always do! Please, come with me." Farmer Ping took Mako's hand (not like a creepy creeper pedophile, you weirdos) and started to lead him toward his house.


Back in the barn, Yin was slyly interrogating Lee. Yin had invited Lee to meditate with her on top of Lin shortly after Yin began her questioning. Lee had not yet seen Yin's intentions.

Now, Lee and Yin sat right next to each other. Both had their eyes closed, both hadn't spoken for about five minutes. Yin was slowly working her way up to bigger, more pressing questions.

"So," Yin said, still meditating, "What was your home like?"

"Um... Not the best," Lee answered, also meditating. "My parents were kinda... strict. And mean. And crazy."

"That's too bad," said Yin, "The Western Air Temple was a fun place for me when I was a child."

Lee took this chance to ask his own questions. "That reminds me," Lee began, "What happened back there? At the Western Air Temple? You've been pretty moody since we left that place."

Yin's eyes opened slightly, just for a second, but she quickly closed them tight. Lee didn't see it. "Well... Okay. If I'm honest with you, will you be honest with me?"

"Depends on what you want me to be honest about," Lee answered, beginning to catch on to Yin's tactics.

Yin sighed, then continued. "I want to know where you're from. You haven't told me anything about yours or Mako's life since we met, and it's been bugging me."

Lee smiled, then opened his eyes. He looked at Yin and asked, "You've seen the wanted posters, haven't you?"

Yin opened her eyes and put her hand in front of Lee's chest. She pushed her hand forcefully at him, blowing him off of Lin and waking the sky bison up. She stood up fast and jumped off of the bison.

"Stop, stop, I'm not gonna hurt you!" Lee yelled, right before Yin blasted him through the barn's wall. "I'm just wondering if you saw it."

Yin sighed again and pulled the paper out of her pocket. She threw it down to her feet. "Tell me what's happening right now or I swear I'll-"

"Remember when I told you that my parents were strict?" Lee asked, standing up. "That's what's happening."

Yin's face became contorted. "You kidnapped you're brother because you're parents act like how parents are probably supposed to?"

"Yin, you asked, so I'll be honest with you. I can't tell you the exact reason why I took Mako, but that's only because you'd probably try to kill me. And then I'd probably have to kill you." Lee was bluffing. "I don't want any of that to happen."

"Are you trying to make me side with you? Because you're not doing the best job at it."

"All I can say is is that my parents wanted Mako and I to become something that we just can't be."

Yin thought critically about her next move. He doesn't have his swords on him, so I could easily kill Lee right now and take Mako back to his home... if I knew where that was. And Mako would never forgive me if I killed Lee! They only have each other, after all. I'm in a bind. Yin decided there was only one choice. She jumped back up onto Lin and started to meditate.

"I won't do anything to you now," Yin said through gritted teeth, "and I won't tell Mako about any of this. But do not betray my trust."

Lee smiled and climbed back up onto Lin. After about a minute of meditation, Lee remembered that Mako had gone out a little over an hour ago. "I should probably go find Mako," he said, sliding down the bison's long tail. "I had fun meditating, though. We should do it again sometime."

Yin laughed, took her glider, and jumped off of Lin right behind her companion. "This, Lee," Yin said with a smirk, "is no time to be flirting. Let's go find your brother."


  • This is the first chapter of TRTNE long enough to warrant the chapter's division into sections.
  • In case there are some rabid fans of TRTNE out there (which I doubt), please don't make up a shipping for Lee and Yin. You'll be disappointed.
  • For those of you who remember the end of A Day On the Town, Lee asked Yin if she would help him find Mako and declined. This time, Lee didn't even have to ask her before she accepted.
  • This chapter's events changed the entire story's direction when the author decided that Lee would reveal to Yin that he knew of her suspicions. Originally, Yin never directly confronted Lee about his secrets until near the end of the fanon. Because of this decision, the precisely mapped out calendar of dates that the author created became defunct (with many chapters involving Yin's questioning Lee, but her not getting any answers), and every chapter with "day" had that feature taken off.

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