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Fire Nation


A week older than Ty Lee (17)

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Faded blond

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Stealth, Abnormal Agility, Safecracking, Intelligence, Charm


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Professional thief, Adventurer

Overshadowed during his childhood by his Fire Nation Noble parents, Renyu (better known as Nightshade) turned to thievery as a comfort, not because he needed to, but because of the thrill; his exploits gained him notoriety far outranking his parents in terms of legend, gaining the attention of authorities across the world; his point of view would later change after meeting Team Avatar and reconnecting with a childhood friend.


Early Life

Back during the days of his youth, Nightshade was a young boy by the name of Renyu, the son of two very famous Fire Nation nobles (who ironically faded into obscurity after the Avatar returned) who often overshadowed and neglected him in their extreme fame. He grew up extremely distant and sullen because of this. However, in the girl-next-door, he found a kindred spirit; she had an identity crisis since she grew up as a part of a matched set of 6, count 'em, 6, identical sisters. Shortly after they became the best of friends, getting into trouble and having wild adventures, despite the fact that her other friends (a somewhat deceptive princess and a constantly bored girl) didn't like him. Then one day, she left to join the circus; didn't leave a letter, explanation, nothing to explain her sudden departure. He felt it his fault and, starting to blame himself for his problems, he was depressed for weeks. Meanwhile, he started to become angry at his parents; they kept taking ideas he gave them to help with the war, and he got no credit for it. Out of revenge, he swiped his mom's favorite jewelry and buried it 2 miles from town; after feeling the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of being caught, he started stealing more and more, gradually pitting everyone in town against each other. One neighbor even screamed "It's like the shadows are stealing all our possessions! There's probably not going to be a single night without something being stolen!" Renyu overhead this, and decided to become a living emphasis on shadows and darkness; soon after, he made an black-and-purple costume and began going by Nightshade, eventually stealing enough money to not only begin his reputation as the greatest thief in the world, but purchase a wide variety of weapons, like bearjaw Snap Traps, shurikens and calitrops.

The Master Thief

As Nightshade, Renyu's fame gradually rose to beyond "wanted poster" status; eventually, the Fire Nation authorities grew so frustrated with him, they even sent the notorious Combustion Man after him. However, be it June or Combustion Man, Nightshade always managed to avoid capture at anyone's hands due to his various tricks, weapons and illusions.

When the Avatar returned, Nightshade went on with his life as normal, with a little more hope than usual; however, his escapades were getting him in greater danger than normally: the Fire Lord grew increasingly angry at Nightshade's continuous evasion of capture and eventually decided to send Azula after him (for those who were wondering what she was doing while Aang was learning waterbending). Eventually, after stumping her and evading all the traps she set, Nightshade frustrated the Fire Nation Princess to the point of giving up on catching him altogether, merely telling her father, "If I fail, then he's simply uncatchable."

When Nightshade first met up with Team Avatar (by this point, they were on Ba Sing Se's outer wall, figuring out how to stop a massive Fire Nation drill), he actually tried to steal from them first (his motto: steal first, ask questions later), only for Toph to easily stop him with a simple earthbending technique (being blind and seeing with her earthbending, she wasn't fooled by any of his illusions); seeing that he was cornered and had no choice, he started explaining who he was and what he was doing. Deciding to help them, Nightshade temporarily joined forces with them to find a way to bring down the drill.

The only thing he was known doing is fighting Mai, because both of them refused to enter the slurry tunnel.

  • Ty Lee: "You heard Azula! We have to follow them!"
  • Mai: "She can shoot all the lightning she wants at me. I am not going in that wall-sludge juice. (shudders)"
  • Nightshade: "(looks in the pipe) ...Nope. (raises both hands) I'm not doing it. (starts walking away) Goodbye."

He later assisted them again when they infiltrated the Dai Li headquarters, dispatching many guards with no trouble at all and making the team's time much easier; when Aang was apparently killed, however, Nightshade was forced to retreat and go into hiding until much later.

A Different Side of Him

While the Fire Nation gang was on vacation at Ember Island, Nightshade was scouting the island to eventually rob it blind but decided to hold off a little until Azula and her friends were distracted enough to ignore Nightshade's suspected presence on the island; then he started to take down and pickpocket every vacationer on the island and made off with enough money to keep his own pockets lined with enough to pay his way off the island (and with little to no trouble in the meantime). But his presence on the island didn't go completely unnoticed: he and Ty Lee spotted each other once but didn't acknowledge each other at all; slightly guilted by his (old) best friend's appearance, he left a letter behind for her. What he wrote on it was unclear, but it moved her to tears and touched her enough to not tell anyone about it.

When Nightshade found out that Ty Lee was to be transferred to another prison after her arrest at the Boiling Rock, his sense of debt towards his old friend (as well as romantic attraction, after seeing how his old friend developed after so many years) caused him to plan a breakout for all the war prisoners from the various factions; after grabbing the prison blueprints, studying the guard shifts, layout and every possible way of escape, he snuck onto the prison grounds, incapacitated most of the guards, and secured as many war prisoners as possible, including Ty Lee.

Nightshade wasn't heard of after that, though there was a string of heists within the area, suggesting he hadn't gone far.

From the Shadows to the Light

It wasn't long before his encounter with Ty Lee caused him to develop a sense of selflessness and concern for others: after years of being out for himself (and only himself), Nightshade's conscience took hold and eventually he slowly quit stealing and started giving back to a world that he took a lot from; gathering the Freedom Fighters as well as Kori Morishita, Sneers, and Chit Sang, he organized a group that would bring justice to those outside the Spirit World or world's government.

But it wasn't long before a greedy tycoon's exploits of innocent people led this group to team up with some old friends; the tycoon turned a small town into a money-drained community, and Team Avatar (along with Zuko's mother and extended family) and the Kyoshi Warriors had come to the town to investigate the exploits within the town, as it might have tied into the New Ozai Society. (More Coming Soon)



While being raised a noble's son, Renyu was often overshadowed and neglected due to the significant fame of his parents; due to lack of attention, he was sullen, distant and more than often unapproachable, shown in his initial hostility toward Ty Lee when she first met him.

After a few years on the job as Nightshade, however, he developed a trait of sarcastic humor, demonstrated with constant quips and quick jokes (to the annoyance of friends and enemies alike); even though he still could crack a joke, he took most of his thieving jobs and daring heists with extreme seriousness, making sure that, to every extent, the heist was done quickly, quietly, neatly, and with little-to-no risk (or life) taken. He had a slight OCD on this, however, which usually lead to him focusing on every single detail and contingency until everything was accounted for; a stone-cold nerve helped him ignore the guilt of the steal as well as stay calm in case something ever went awry.

Underneath all of it, though—the battling thief, sullen exterior, constant wisecracks — he is just a kid in need of a friend. When someone is able to see past all that, Renyu is sensitive, honest, and overall lonely, and when with friends, he can be genuinely happy. Renyu also enjoys positive energy quite a bit, as it raises his spirits whenever he is near a strong source of such—this enjoyment primarily stems from his friendship (and later on, relationship) with Fire Nation acrobat Ty Lee.


  • Stealth - Having had years of practice at his thieving profession, Nightshade knows exactly how to stay hidden, find hiding points and slip away undetected by others.
  • Abnormal Agility - Nightshade has displayed several feats of agility that normal humans, even at their athletic peak, could not achieve. Even his childhood friend Ty Lee couldn't match his speed.
  • Safecracking - Nightshade, having disassembled numerous safes on his spare time and his "on-the-job" time, has displayed the skill to open any locked containers with little to no trouble.
  • Moderate Calculative Intelligence - After years of being a thief and pulling heists, Renyu developed a quick calculating mind to help him add up how stealthy to be, how many hits a guard would take, and other assorted things.
  • Charm - Though he is rather reclusive, Nightshade has been shown to be very suave and persuasive around women; this indicates some past experience in this field.


  • Kunai -
  • Traps -
  • Bolas -
  • Caltrops -



"Actually, no, I'm not getting you down, because you won't learn anything if I do."
— Nightshade



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