Reaching the Eastern Air Temple
Night Terrors and Dreams Part Two (TLAT)
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The Lost Air Temple


Book 2 Rise of the Deathbenders


24 Night Terrors and Dreams Part Two

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The Hunt

Last time on TLAT Just when they thought things could not get any worse, they got worse. The Black Lotus are having a meeting in preparation for war. Baizken lost a duel with Wong. Now the three young heroes have been captured. Mysterious elderly Skywalkers have caused something terrible, and all hope seems lost.


Now the sage prepared a fiery kick, one that would end the battle, end Baizken. Baizken got up he was not hurt too bad, just some scrapes and cuts. His sword was across the room now. However, it looked cool enough to handle, now. The only problem was getting to it. He jumped to the left to dodge the kick. The wall was not so lucky; there was now a humongous "hole in the wall". Baizken started to run to his blade, yet the sage was not too tired to launch some consecutive fire jabs. Fortunately for the "swordsboy" he was able to out run them all. His sword was just feet away now. Bard was not unaware; he used firebending to propel himself, at a high speed, right at Baizken. The "swordsboy" did a barrel role and grabbed his sword, and it was still a little warm, but he didn't care. The sage was only a few yards away now and rapidly heading toward. Baizken closed his eyes, this was it. The moment of truth. He pressed the button firmly with his index finger. He waited for a moment, his eyes still closed. He blinked quickly, and right in front of him was a sage with a huge hole going right through his head. But this had all happened before. Baizken was so confused. It all felt so real. Baizken immediately hid his sword. Baizken looked at Bard, horrified he turned away. It was the same dead face that had haunted him for a long time. Baizken tried to run away. His feet felt like lead and his head was woozy. His ears heard something faint.

"Run, pig-chicken, run. For your nightmare has only begun..."

The voice was faint and chilling, yet unmistakable. Baizken grabbed the hilt of his sword.

"No it can't be," Baizken whispered to himself in horror. There was a laugh that seemed to echo throughout the room. The swords-boy turned back, and with a hole in his head, his enemy rose to his feet. Baizken looked around, and the room seemed to close in on him. There was no escape, no clever way to get out. For the first time in a while he felt alone, with his fear staring him in his face. Bard or whoever this was now on his feet, with flames in both hands. With his sword pointing at the sage, Baizken stood his ground.

"Stay back."

"Power, what is that to you? If you had some, I have no clue. I have the power in this room," Bard's raspy voice paused. "Now I ask you to enter oblivion, your doom!"

A well? Finosa found herself in a field with a well. Just a normal stone well, how strange. Surely she was dreaming she told herself. She saw some one standing on the other side of the well It appeared to be an old man. She began to head toward the well. As she got closer, Finosa got a better look at the old man. He was short and skinny. The more she looked at him the weirder he got. His eyes were strange, having no pupils. His mouth was gaped open. Steamed seemed to be going into his mouth. Finosa did not get any closer. This was way too strange for her. Finosa pinched herself, but she just felt a pinch. The air seemed dry and cold. With each breath she took, it felt more and more real, as if her mind was convincing her this must be a dream. It couldn't be real. The way the world seemed was so dim and dark. The man and the well just stayed put. No change in sight. He was terrifying to look at, so she just stayed there. Finosa continued to try and think of ways to wake herself up.

"I must be dreaming," Finosa reaffirmed to herself.

Yet all the tricks she tried could not wake her up.

Cori saw the old ladies. They looked like the older people who lived at the Eastern Temple. Their wrinkles were hideous. Cori decided to get up. No one stopped him. In fact he looked around and no one was moving. His friends frozen in time. The hags stood there and looked no less creepy. He stumbled backwards, stumbling over Baizken who was in a fetal position from the bloodbending. Cori was very afraid. He decided to run. He ran towards the halls. He ran past the bloodbender, past Wong, past his mentor, and his friends from the Northern Temple. He slowly passed into a different. Cori ran down an endless hallway. He looked back and tried to stop, but he kept running. His feet turned on him.

"What's happening!" he screamed.

He kept running turning left and right, anyway other than back. He ran up a wall. Wherever he was gravity had no effect on him. The temple looked so dingy and old. There was no one around; he was all alone. He had ran from everything and there was no going back.

"This can't be real," he told himself aloud.

Cori felt sick as he realized he was running on the ceiling. He past the person in the green cloak that had captured him, he past a bison, and he past Osla. When he saw Osla he violently tried to stop, flailing his arms all around. It was to no avail as he past over her head on the ceiling. The grays and blacks were getting darker. His nose smelled something like old moss. Now finally he made it to an open room. He closed his eyes and he stopped. Finally.

"How is this even possible?" he yelled as he sat down. He looked up and realized he was on the ceiling. The sun was below him, and the floor hovered above him. He looked at the ground. It was glass, and when he realized this, it shattered. Cori found himself falling into the sky. The sun was now right in front of him. It was not the same sun that he was used to at the Northern Temple. No, it was a harsh sun. It reminded him of the desert, an ice palace, and Senzin. His body got warm for a little while, however he soon fell past the sun. The darkness began to creep in and he felt very cold. Cori closed his eyes again. Now he was back where he was. Tied up with Baizken and Finosa. He closed his eyes harder now. He found himself at the point he was in the duel with Wong, time still frozen. He squinted his eyes shut for almost a minute now. Cori found himself going further back in his memory. He was a little boy in the echo chamber. He saw a much younger Senzin. The monk also saw Osla. He yelled out as loud as he could, but no sound was produced. He continued to open his mouth, but nothing came out. His breath got heavy. The walls seemed to close in he ran again. This time all he could to was run around in circles. There was no end to the cycle. He tried to blink again. Nothing. He was still running. The room closing in, getting smaller and smaller.

"What kind of place am I in?"

There was no answer to his question. He just continued to repeat his route. Wherever he was, it made a nightmare out of his past.

The sky bison and filled the afternoon air. They flew out of the cliff one by one. A rushed dragon followed close behind. Air Nomad Monks looked patiently to the east, as there destination would hopefully end in some sense in closure. Gatton was looking for someone, Senzin. The Avatar was trying to stop another war. He thought of the Water Tribes, and their conflicts; also how the Black Lotus had used this as an excuse for war. Gatton wanted to explain to Senzin his choice. He could only hope it would go well. Gatton finally could see Senzin's bison towards the front of the pack. The caravan was massive, so Gatton felt very lucky for being able to spot him this easily. Duma quickened his speed. The flew, weaved, and bobbed to the front. Many of the bison shied away from the behemoth, but some younger bison were stubborn and would have liked to fly almost into the dragon. As Gatton reached the front of the back, he could make out Senzin's face. The monk looked deeply troubled, his frown big and disheartening. Gatton was now in yelling range of the monk.

"Senzin, I need to talk to you," the Avatar yelled. The monk was quick to pretend, that he did not hear it. Gatton stared at him with frustration.

"Come on, I know you can hear me!" Gatton yelled now with a bit of airbending.

"Don't bother," Senzin grumbled. Gatton flew beside the sky bison. Senzin's lemur was frightened by the creature. Anju left his perch on Senzin's shoulder and hid behind him.

"There's something we need to discuss," Gatton said a little more quietly.

"Very well, go on then," Senzin said with a scowl.

"I don't want to see another war start while I'm the Avatar. The world doesn't need a power struggle," Gatton tried to look Senzin in the eyes. "You know what would happen if we were wrong if-"

Senzin was quick to cut him off, "So you agree with me?"

"It is a probable theory."

"Why do we not go in there and see for ourselves. If there is any chance that Cori... or any other child is there we must take it!" Senzin now stared Gatton down.

"Listen, old acquaintance, we can not go in there arms blazing, unless you suddenly think that the enemy would take that likely."

"Why shouldn't we take down the evil ones," Senzin was quite frustrated at this point. "The half-breeds are despised by nearly everyone in the other four temples. They are crude, crooked, and they are murderers."

Gatton tried to explain, "Listen, there definite evil there, but I'm not ready face it yet."

"So this is all about you, Avatar. I had no idea you were so selfish, that you did not care about our children. Your children."

"Do not talk to me about being selfish! Listen here I'm not going to jeopardize the peace just because we have now for a hunch that we happen to have in common."

"So I guess I know where you stand, old rival," Senzin was angry more than anything now.

"Do you really want a war?"

"If it means getting my student back, then yes."

"Your impossible," Gatton shook his head.

"Funny how the Avatar with all the power in the world is no willing to fight for his family, but a passive monk is willing to stand up for what is right," Senzin mocked. It was at this moment they began to draw a crowd.

"Are you trying to offend me?"

"If the shoe fits."

"Go ride a cloud..."

"You want to fight me right here? I can still kick your-"

At this moment they realized that the entire group was staring at them. The younger kids laughed at the fought of to old men fighting it out, the White Lotus were disappointed at the Avatar's lack of gumption, and the monks were shocked at Senzin's attachment to his pupil. When the monk and Avatar both realized what had happened, they were to baffled to know what to do. Senzin was the first to speak.

"Disregard everything we just said, if you please."

"Yes please do," Gatton humbly followed

At this point Gatton and Senzin could not help, but to laugh. They both took a step back and saw what everybody else saw: two sleep deprived old men in a yelling match on a once peaceful mission. Senzin looked at Gatton.

"You have the floor, Avatar."

Gatton gazed at the audience, "We will go from what we learn at the Eastern Temple, as said at the meeting."

"We can not wait forever," Senzin interjected.

"I did not say that, but war is the last thing we need, as my time as the Avatar is almost up," Gatton was somber as he said this.

"Avatar, you don't really think that day is nigh, do you?" Senzin was troubled by this.

"I'm trying to prepare the world for it, but if a war broke out... I do not know what I would do," Gatton was now looking at Halois who was riding a bison with two other monks.

"The White Lotus can preserve the peace, Avatar," Halois spoke up.

"Not now. I feel a day far more dark is coming. Now all we can do is wait."

"So we make our decision at the temple?" Senzin asked, already aware of the answer.

Gatton sighed, "Yes, hopefully there we can get some information out of the girl."

After Gatton said this, the crowd of bison riders spread out. Senzin and Gatton, however rode together, and discussed some what-if plans.

The lights were fiercely bright. I saw three new orbs that were dazzling in colors. Inside of them I saw three children; one of which I knew. It was the Avatar's descendant.

"You sent me here for a reason, didn't you mother," I spoke introspectively.

There dreams were not like my dreams. No they were terrifying. The boy was in a tiny room waving a sword around at a ghost. The kid I had not seen before was yelling, but making no sound. He was also running like a chicken with his head cut off. Last, the girl was trying desperately to wake herself up. She was the only one who realized it was a dream. I was more concerned about what was in there. It was some kind of creature that fed off the air. It looked human, but I could not decide if it was. The way it looked was almost if it was trying to suck all the air out of the room.

"What on earth is going on?"

I quickly realized perhaps these were there fears, the terrors of their minds. The boy in the monk-like attire was scared of being alone or not being heard, the swords-boy was scared of an enemy he could not defeat, but the girl, her enemy I could not figure out. I walked toward it, and it slowly started to suck me in. There was nothing to grab onto so I was sucked in.

I screamed, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah," as I was sucked in.

I felt as if my body was being squashed, twisted an contorted at the same time. I then had a smashing sensation as if my body was being jammed together to be as thin as a piece of paper.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed.

I looked around and saw that I was in a field. It was quiet and calm, but sill dark and dingy. I looked around and saw, in the distance, the girl. Very far away from me was the creature. I rushed in a hurry to get to her.

Wong was alone in his chamber, he stood on the wall of his room. This was his moment of victory, but he felt a little empty. It was almost too easy. He knew his father had further plans, but he had no idea how things were going to work. Wong had a respect for his father, but he had know clue where things were going. The airbender was felt very nostalgic at this point. He had a flashback on his childhood.

"Mother, why does Father leave?" asked a bright-eyed Wong, who was a young toddler.

"Your father seeks balance," said a younger woman with a youthful glow.

"Balance?" the child was puzzled with the word.

His mother smiled, "Yes, he wants the world to see as he does. Your father is right about almost everything."

"Is that why we follow him? For balance?" Won was grasping with this.

"Yes, my son."

Wong, his mother, and many other people were exiles of the Central Temple. There were many conflicting views and factions inside the temple: Skywalkers, migrant airbenders, outsiders of Earth Kingdom heritage who married in, and combinations of them all. Father Geno and the rest of his followers were banished from the temple because of there views. The most powerful group ruled the temple, and the descendants of Skywalkers were not in any sort of power, yet the other factions felt threatened by their mannerism. The Skywalkers and those who followed them were nomads who lived in exile. All those who left with Father Geno were outcasts. They were marked with a black arrow. Father Geno turned this symbol around and he marked all his followers with it. Wong's mother was a young Earth Kingdom descendant, whose ancestors had moved to the Central Temple. This practice, amongst others, made the Central Temple controversial. She fell in love with the charismatic Geno, and were exiles together. Born in this time of wandering was the child Wong. Before Wong turned six his father made many journeys. Some slaying the unthinkable, others reconnaissance. Father Geno's last mission was taking over the Central Air Temple. The Skywalkers made a triumphant return, and those who did accept the new ruler died by the sword. Wong's mother died tragically young, under mysterious circumstances. Wong deeply remembered the conversation he had with his father. It was at the Central Air Temple, Wong was eight, and it was held in the traditional Skywalker tradition. The people cared little about life or death, so it was a very formal and cold affair. Wong cried, his father said some words in traditions, and it was over. Wong and Father Geno later had a rare talk.

"My mother is dead," said the boy in a state of uncontrollable emotion. They were in the room Father Geno had converted almost into a thrown room.

His father looked at him coldly, "I know."

"We have a funeral and you did not cry. Didn't you love her?" Wong's face was stained in tears.

"Death is not something to take lightly, but composure is important," Geno's advice did not face the child.

"She's gone and we have no one to blame for this, no reason to understand."

"I know why she is gone," Geno's voice was still as cold as ice.

"You do?" Wong face was anything but happy. How he felt was not at all what he thought it would feel.

"It is the spirits enacting revenge on me. They see it fit to enact vengeance on me after what I did to their kind."

"This is your fault?"

"Son, listen I have done many things to the kind of spirits. I have ruined there sacred places to bring them out. I have abused their power for my own doing. I have even extinguished the very essence of their being so it is gone forever. I supposed they saw it fit to exact their hatred on my love," Father Geno almost showed emotion for a second.

"So it is your fault!" Wong pinned all his anger on his father.

"Don't you bark at me!" Geno's voice was pointed enough to make a grown-man shake. "Do you have any idea of what I've been through?"

Wong tossed an inaudible insult at his father. Geno could not make it out because of his child's sobbing.

"What did you just say?" Wong's father's tone was coaxing enough to make the child speak clearly.

"I said that you were a horrible monster."

At this moment Wong started to breath heavy. His father's hand was outstretched at his son. Wong was gasping for air.

"Say it again," Father Geno did not hear an immediate reply. "Say it again, you brat!"

"You are," he struggled for breath. "A monster."

"Don't you forget it! Now leave my presence before I squash you for real," Geno's rage was serious. Wong stumbled to his feet and ran out of the room. This was the last outburst of emotion Wong could remember seeing his father show, as he wept like his son while Wong fled the room.

Father Geno and Wong never talked about that night and kept there relationship at a distance. Wong realized the time and left his chamber in a hurry. The meeting of the Black Lotus was about to begin.

Father Geno's thrown room was not a very good place for planning a war, but it would suffice. As little as he knew the outsiders, he knew that he alone was not going to smite his foes. Well, maybe he could, but the Black Lotus was a great asset. One by one they slowly filled the room. Ramaar the Ruthless, Kanasa the Huntress, Sulu: Head Assassin and semi-automaton, and the masked bloodbender, nameless and arguably the most powerful.

"Where's your son, leader?" asked Sulu. This was a rare occasion meeting the master face-to-face.

"He is tardy; I know not if it is a good reason?" Father Geno was very blunt and cold as usual.

"Should we start without him?" the huntress asked.

As she said this Wong entered the room, his black robe and arrow prominent on his head. He knew he was late, but it hardly mattered. He took his seat by the rest of them.

"Did I miss anything?" Wong's tone was condescending and sarcastic to the other members of the Black Lotus. He knew his father would not have started without him.

"No," Ramaar mumbled.

They were quick to delve into war strategies. Father Geno explained the bargaining chip they now possessed. He also explained the dream dust and why it was so important. The Black Lotus group as a whole did not understand this.

"Why didn't we just hit them around a lot?" Ramaar said in a rustic tone.

"Worst case scenario, we want them to be insane or lost in dreams if found," Wong tried to explain.

Sulu was quick to jump, "Why did we not just kill them?"

"I want the Avatar to be tortured. Slowly and painfully," Father Geno looked at all of them as he said this. "Very personal. I see it fitting his family should suffer the same way. Does anyone object?"

Not a soul questioned him. They continued to talk of war strategies, and how they were going to take the air temples one by one. The way Father Geno so vividly explained it was so plainly evil. You could hear the hate drip from his mouth. The rest of the group could see where he got his power from quite plainly. Father Geno explain the new Avatar was to be born in his temple. He further explained how they were going to race him to be a war machine, used to destroy the world.

"I thought the Avatar was light; the one who would balance the world. Your plan shouldn't work," Kanasa tried to explain.

Father Geno gave her notion a chuckle, "'Light' is subjective. Oh and be sure, he will bring balance to the world. An order for this world."

"How do yo know this?" Rammar asked with his same dumb tone.

"A spirit told me just as I snuffed out its existence," Father Geno said this as if it was very normal to say. Wong face had a look of shock, which he quickly replaced with nothingness. Father Geno was very aware with what he said.

"So, what now?" asked Sulu.

"We wait," Father Geno said like a man who's pieces were laid out. It was a perfect plan that could not go wrong. His trap could not fail.

The old man scared Finosa very much at this point. The manner it stood seemed as if it was growing. The air was becoming very dry at this point. No matter how hard she tried, she could not seem to wake up. Finosa hadn't looked the direction of the old man and the well for a little while. She then turned to look. They were closer. She could now see the wrinkles on the old man's face slowly fading away. Finosa could see the cracked bricks on the well and the withered rope that dangled down below.

"How is this possible?" she asked aloud. She had not moved. The field was still looked the same, even the sky had not changed. At this point Finosa got worried. However crazy this place was at this point was the reality she was stuck with. She was desperate. Finosa attempted to make a usual firebomb in her hand, but nothing happened. She tried again, nothing. Not even a simple fire blast would work. Where in the world was she? She kicked the dirt in frustration. She sat on the ground and thought for awhile. After no ideas came to her mind, she turned her back to the well. She began to walk away, when she heard footsteps. Finosa very slowly turned around. The man, which she now realized was something else entirely, was now in front of the well, his soulless eyes focused on her. Also he seemed much less old, weak, and distant. Now he was muscular and only a few feet away. She tried to run silently. Finosa thought she had manage to run far away, but now he was closer than ever and towered over her like a giant.

"You have got to be kidding me!" she yelled in terror.

There was a loud boom sound that shook the ground.

"Oh what now?!?" Finosa was more scared than she had been in her fight with Sulu. She turned to her right as she ran from the giant. It was Smoke, the man her grandfather had met in a cell. She wondered what he was doing here. He was quick to run in between her and the creature.

"Look out!" Smoke yelled.

There was a crash. Smoke had created a vale of smoke to protect them from the monster, whose fist seemed to bounce off of it. Wong was very serious at this point. He'd been sucked into a strange world, and now had to save someones life. He wondered if he was allowed; he told himself it did not matter.

"What is this thing?" Wong asked as he held up the wall of smoke. The monster was wailing away at it.

"I don't know," Finosa's voice was shaky. "But this is the most scared I've ever."

Smoke came up with an idea on the fly, "What are you most scared of?"

"I'm not scared of anything," Finosa voice was not strong at all. Anyone could tell she was lying.The monster began to attack Smoke's shield harder than ever.

"Now what be a nice time to tell the truth," Smoke told her with a sense of urgency.

"Death," Finosa's voice was quiet, but she raised it quickly, "I'm scared of death."

The monster seemed to shrink down a little bit.

"Why is someone as young as you scared of death?" Smoke said puzzled, but he also realized he may have cracked the code.

"It's not just me: my grandfather, grandmother, father, even my own brother are going to die!" she said this as if it was going to happen tomorrow.

"Death is a part of life. More importantly child, you have so much to live for," Smoke's advice seemed to ring in Finosa's ears.

"Yeah, you are right."

The monster quickly began to fade away. They both were so relieved to have figured out the monster. Finosa was so happy to have conquered her fear, this terror.

"How can you help someone who you have never met?" Finosa asked with wide eyes.

"You could say I got pulled into it," Smoke jested.

"How did you know what to do? You seem very wise."

"I didn't. It just seemed to come to me."

"You have a very long beard."

"Maybe that is where I got my wisdom from," Smoke chuckled. "It is a very interesting situation I have gone through." He gripped the three knives in his back pocket.

"Wow," Finosa thought for a moment.

"So you're related to the Avatar?" Smoke asked casually.

"Baizken," Finosa remembered. "And Cori. They are trapped to."

"If those are the kids I saw in the orbs, we may be able to save them."

Wong created an orb out of smoke. They both touched it and were warped to the spirit room.

Baizken and Bard fought for what felt like hours. No one had the upper hand. Baizken could not even land one blow. Bard, however was able to get several attacks in. Bard had Baizken where he wanted him. Baizken was quick to dodge a fireblast from Bard. It was followed up by a blazing kick that whiffed Baizken, knocking him on the ground.

"On the floor, in the earth, no one is with you, no one of worth. I alone will-" Bard was cut off literally. Baizken managed to land a strike to the sage's head while he was gloating. There was a pause as Baizken stared at Bard.

"It's over," Baizken told himself. There was a murmuring. Baizken could hear it rise out of the slain.

"I am not finished. I'm not done. For you your torment has already begun!" Bard rhymed as he came back to his feet. He now had a cut on his neck as well as a gash on his head.

"This is impossible," Baizken uttered.

They continued to fight. No one truly winning. Baizken had "won" many times, but Bard always came back, and Baizken had to go through it all over again. It was like he was being haunted by a ghost who did not want him to forget. Baizken charged at the sage was more and attempted a stab. The sage was quick to dodge it and kicked Baizken back into the ground. There was a loud boom as Baizken's body hit the ground. The sound was so loud Baizken knew it was something else entirely.

"What the hog-monkeys?!?" Bard yelled.

They continued to battle as Baizken could not see Smoke and his sister. Baizken had Bard right where he wanted him. The swords-boy on his knees stabbed Bard continuously. With each stab Bard made some thing very clear.

"I'm not dead, my rhyme isn't dead. I will haunt you. You can't end me!" Bard yelled, his voice howled like a fatal creature. Baizken continued to stab him, his eyes started to water.

"Baizken, let it go," Baizken heard a soothing voice. He did not believe it was his sister's not here.

"No," Baizken replied as if the voice was in his head.

"Let it go, child," this voice was different. It sounded like a man's voice. Tears began to roll down. He stopped the stabbing and fell to the ground.

"No it can't be over! I am not done. I shall not go 'til this battle is-" Bard voice fizzed out into nothing, just like the rest of him.

"You were scared of Bard?" Finosa asked Baizken, who was still on his knees, leaning on his sword.

"No," Baizken sniffled. "I was scared of what I'd done. Grandfather told me that I had done the right thing, but I still don't think I did. There had to be another way."

"You are a fine child," Smoke remarked. He was very impressed with the humanity of the child.

"I am a murderer," Baizken cried.

"You need to let it go," Finosa told him.

Smoke joined in, "Don't dwell on the past. Think about the here and now. It is over."

Baizken stood on his feet. They explained to Baizken where they were and talked of how to save Cori. They rushed out of the dream in a hurry. Baizken did slowly forget about the night-terror, and his mind no longer was brought back to it.

Cori continued to desperately run around. There was no escape. He just ran past everything again and again. His past, his present, his future, all he ran from. Cori was running from reality. He thought he saw Baizken, Finosa, and a strange man with a beard. They stood just off in the distance. Cori could not run toward them nor away from them.

"Come back!" he yelled.

"Cori, stop running," Baizken yelled.

"No, I'll leave you, just like I left the rest. Besides, you'll leave me.

"I won't, Cori, you are a good friend, and that can be hard to find," Baizken walked to Cori. Baizken was not alone.

"Me either," Finosa said like it was nothing, though she knew it was everything. "We have to stick together."

"Promise?" Cori asked like a child.

"Promise," the brother and sister replied.

"I would promise to, but I don't know you, kid," Wong jested. "Now stop running in place.

Cori looked down and realized he had not been running anywhere. He gave a hardy laugh and stopped running. He saw his friends whom was greeted with high-fives and a friendly punch on the shoulder.

"Wow, we are finally out," Baizken looked at Cori. "What did that fear of running away and loss come from?"

"Long story," Cori replied quietly. "But hey it doesn't matter. It's over and we can all go home."

Wong had a solemn look on his, "I'm afraid not. I'm afraid you still have much more to go through."

"We aren't going home, are we?" Finosa asked. She was now very worried.

"I'm sorry. Your bodies are still trapped somewhere."

"The Central Air Temple," Baizken was very displeased.

"Can't you just take us back?" Finosa asked with hope.

"Not unless you like being separated from your bodies."

"So we can't go back?" Cori asked, with no clue of the powers of the spirit spawn.

"Not exactly, but I can send you back to your bodies. Well, I think I can anyway," Smoke was not exactly reassuring them with that.

"So we still have a lot more fighting to do," Baizken said solemnly.

"Before I send you back into the physical world, do you know where your grandfather might be?"

"On his way to the Eastern Air Temple, unless he has gone to look for us," Finosa explained.

"I shall send you children back, and go to the temple, directly, myself."

"I thought you could not go back like that?" Baizken asked puzzled.

"I'm not like you remember," Smoke said, not wanting to explain it.

"Wait," Cori raised his voice, "What is your name, sir?"

Just as he sent them back, he replied, "I'm Smoke."

And with that they were gone. They were now going to awake in their bodies any second. They awoke alone and in the same room they had fell asleep in. Smoke now looked for a way to get to the Eastern Air Temple, as quickly as possible.

Gatton and the rest of the group arrive at the Eastern Air Temple around nightfall. They had flown non stop, all the bison were very tired. They were quite disheartened to here that no one at the temple had never seen, nor hear Osla and Baizken. The monks plans were finished. It was time to face the facts. The kidnappings were hard to face, but they had to go start looking for answers. They knew that the first place to look was the Central Air Temple.

Senzin looked at Gatton, "Is it time to act now, Avatar." You could hear the eagerness in his voice to start finding answers. You could also hear, yet another tone. A tone of sadness and loss. He was ready to find a culprit, a reason for all of this.

"Yes, old colleague. It is time we start thinking of heading to the Central Temple," Gatton said. You could hear the tiredness in his voice.

"Do we interrupt the games for our hunt?" Senzin asked. Sometimes he had to follow the Avatar.

"I do not know," Gatton said, as he gazed at the night sky.

"Let us not try to think of this now. It is late. We are going to need a good night's rest and it is starting to get late already. Tomorrow we can start our hunt."

And with that they both left for their chambers. They were alone in a big temple. The night was cloudy, not a star in the sky. Just a cloudy shadow cast by the moon. It was very lonely for them both. Many of the airbenders felt lonely as the THIEVES had stolen many children. The time was about to come when the were going to get answers. Now they only had to wait for the sun to rise for their hunt to begin.

Wong was walking toward his chamber in the third tower. He was pretty confused after the meeting. Still, he dare not question his father's rule. If he had ever had any love for his father, it had been replaced by fear of The Deathbender. His father was not the only deathbender anymore, however. Wong had just made it to his quarters when a messenger arrived.

"What have you got to say?" Wong asked. He was very tired and wanted to rest.

"Sir, I have bad news."

"Spill it!" Wong yelled at him. He was feeling quite impatient at the moment.

"The children are awake," the person, an adult in their thirties, delivered it very slowly.

"Rubbish! That sleep powder is supposed to torment them with a fierce dream-eating spirit."

"They are awake sir. The monks have seen it for themselves. They have shut the exits, but we fear they may try to break the door down."

Wong slammed the man up against the wall. Wong had his had at the man's throat. Wong shot a very dirty look into the man's eyes.

"You are messing everything up!" Wong yelled with ferocity.

"Don't shoot the messenger," the man wheezed. His breath was not only short because of the hand his throat, but something else, something far more sinister.

"The plans are ruined," Wong said as he released his grip on the man. "We are ruined."

"Shouldn't you go stop them before Father Geno finds out?" the man asked quietly.

"If that wasn't such a good idea you'd be on the floor."

Wong rushed toward the room. He knew he had to do something before it was to late. He was not going to let his father down. He feared what would happen to him, and what would happen to their plans. He knew he had to stop the three children, each one a prodigy or at least powerful. Wong decided to go in with no back-up. He was not going to let anyone mess this up. He was going to hunt them down.

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