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The Nifrin, or Sehr, were a species of near-human spirits that were called witches by humans. They were the forgers of the Ish Kash. The shapeshifters were wiped out by Avatars.


The Nifrin are an ancient species that appear human but are in fact separate creatures, being a subspecies of Spirits. They use magic over bending and so have very 'bizarre' powers that make them dangerous. The Sehr were a mischievous people, and it made them disliked as time went on.

They lived before, during, and after the time of the Stormbenders and their bloody reign. The Avatar born after the Storm Grave battle, Avatar Akira, thought of his status as a crusader and hunter. Without an enemy to hunt, he targeted the witches and began the generation spanning purge of the Nifrin.

Over time, the witches were hunted to extinction, with few exceptions. The only known survivors were Melasa, a half-witch and thereby a child of a survivor, and Lenet, the last surviving witch by the time of 320 AG. Lenet slept through the ages until a time that she could kill the Avatar.

She awoke in 320 AG and allied with the King of Omashu, Urri in the hopes to kill to Avatar Tala. The war heated up and the Avatar sought the help of the mysterious Rishu. Tala eventually learned how to counter most of the witch's powers until they met in battle for a final time west of Omashu. The Avatar used energybending to seal Lenet's body, so that she would fall to her death. Her death brought the end of their race on the earth.

Society and Customs

Nifrin were a largely mobile and loose people that did not center around any location or city. They were wanderers and travelers. As such, they had few communities that were larger than family units. There were only two known communities that could relate to being a society back in ancient times.

Akuba, or the Witch City, was called the home of the Nifrin. Per their own beliefs, the city was built around the Deathwood Tree, a supposed seedling of the Tree of Time. This was the only true city of the Nifrin. The next largest was an enclave known for healing and safety called Mirana.

Both were attacked during the war with the Spirits, where the peaceful Mirana had half its villagers slaughtered by Akahito. By the time of the Stormbenders, humans had no knowledge of either Akuba or Mirana, implying that they had ceased to exist at some point. It was certain that they are at least abandoned, as their builders, the witches, are extinct.

The Nifrin had beliefs unique to their culture. They claim that they were once ordinary Spirits like those that reside in the Spirit World, however they ate the fruit of the Deathwood Tree, which gave them human forms, greater powers, a new tongue and mortality. The Nifrin debate this history and whether they should have made that choice.

The Nifrin believe that the Deathwood Tree is a test of heart. It offers so much at face value, but has a price. The Nifrin have since centered their only city around the tree, guarding it. They believe that to allow just anyone to eat its fruit would sow greater chaos on the world. Only a handful of humans have been allowed to eat the fruit, each was a wielder of the Ish Kash.

Along with this, the Nifrin have several classifications for Spirits, or Ish. They believe that certain Spirits rank higher in the world than others, whom they call the Ishva. These include the Sun Spirit, the Shadow Phoenix, Tui, La, Raava, and Vaatu, and at least one other. Patron Spirits that are not Ishva are called Ishron, such as Rozu. The Spirits that largely inhabit the Spirit World are called Rok Ish and are considered ordinary, like Hei Bai. There are then the Jinn Ish. These are Spirits who have the ability to take a human or human-like form. This includes, Ruh, Kitsune, and the Painted Lady. The Nifrin consider themselves a part of this class.

The Nifrin is the name they largely call their community, but they will call themselves Sehr on occasion. Sehr was the supposed first of their kind, a Spirit to eat the fruit of the Deathwood. They name themselves in honor of her.

Powers and Abilities

The Sehr have powerful and unpredictable abilities through magic and sorcery. The Nifrin have various abilities and subsets based on what path the witch chooses. The known subsets are Wind, Storm, and Blood Witchcraft.

11eyes SDAG Liselotte CG2

The Sehr are skillful magicians.

All witches can travel at incredible speeds and have extrasensory perception of their environment that makes them very hard to surprise. Witches seem to have the ability to shapeshift as Lenet could take the form of an old woman as well as that of a much younger lady. Witches have a wide knowledge of spells and incantations based on their native language. Any witch can practice any or all subsets of witchcraft, though some bloodlines excel at certain styles over another.

Wind: The stealthy and quick art of magic used by Wind Witches gives them the power to traverse at an even faster speed than a standard witch.

Storm: A very powerful and dangerous style, the storm witches have a deep knowledge of science, from alchemy to metallurgy. Combined with an ability to affect local weather, they were sometimes mistaken for stormbenders.

Hollow Ichigo - Second Hollow Form

Blood Magic and abuse of it could lead to the mutation of humans and Nifrin into Dosh Rak.

Blood: The most dangerous witches, blood magic had no limits or restraints and involved possessing others as well as poisons and other dark arts. They were often the most sadistic faction of the witches. Blood magic was the hardest style to learn, let alone master.


The Sehr are a special case as far as what they are is concerned. They look human and can interact completely with humans and even crossbreed; yet they can interact and travel to the Spirit World as well as use their powers there.

The Nifrin are related to the Spirits in some manner, once being called their "cousins". Given their position, they seem to be an in between of the humans and Spirits, with traits of both. Some even speculate that they are in fact the patron Spirits of mankind. They are in fact a subspecies of Spirits.

Unlike most Spirits that are nearly unique, Nifrin have similar traits and genetics, allowing them to grow a population, as such they are the largest concentration of a type of Spirit. Nifrin have physical bodies but they seem to have minimal value to their life unless their body is 'sealed'. This would imply that Sehr simply possess their physical body for convenience, this however is not true. Only the most powerful Nifrin could leave their bodies and survive, the majority of them are much like humans.

Given their own histories, the Nifrin are a group of Spirits who have greater powers at the price of giving up immortality. 

Known Members

11eyes SDAG Misuzu Atk4

The half witch, Melasa, was one of the last known members of this species to be recorded as she was the Avatar's companion.

  • Lenet: A deadly blood witch with a grudge, Lenet is the last survivor of the purges of her kind.
  • Melasa: A hybrid human and witch, Melasa was different from both in that she had magical powers that humans lacked but was weaker than an ordinary witch.
  • Melas: Melasa's Nifrin father. He was a practitioner of Wind Magic and wielded one of the few Ish Kash, which was passed down by his ancestors.
  • The Dosh Rak: The Nifrin believed the most evil of their kind turned into demons called the "Dosh Rak", or Devil's Hand. They were sadistic, violent and cruel creatures. Humans could, on rare occasion, turn into Dosh Rak, and somehow acquire Nifrin powers, though how is unknown.
  • Sehr: The first Nifrin. She was once a Spirit that ate from the Deathwood Tree.
  • Elasa: The forger and first wielder of the Storm Flower. He is the ancestor of Melas and Melasa.
  • Muramasa: The forger of the Black Soul and Raven Rose.
  • Arashin: The forger of the first Ish Kash, the Mortal Blossom.
  • Nagrim: The wielder of the Ice Bloom.
  • Thesi: The leader of Mirana during the war.


  • Nifrin is Azerbaijani for curse/malediction, and Sehr is damnation/spell.
  • The witches can use various weapons and combine magic to amplify their powers through them.
  • Somehow, the witches are related to Spirits, though how exactly is unknown.
  • Both of the Nifrin's societal centers, Akuba and Mirana, were attacked in the First War.

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