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Nid Veelis
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Earth Kingdom



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Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Sandbending, Metalbending


Alden, Xin Fu, June, Yu


Blade, Quiver, [Fanon:Ka-Boom

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body guard

First appearance

Chapter XI:Desert Tales

Biographic information

Nid Veelis, usually known as just Nid, was born in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se. As he grew, he became involved in the crime organization and worked to bring cactus juice into the city. At some point during his life in Ba Sing Se, he developed a romantic relationship with Toph Bei Fong, but she broke it off when she discovered how big of a criminal he was, but not before she had taught him Metalbending. He then traveled to the Si Wong Desert, where he learned Sandbending, and became the bodyguard of Alden the mushroom. Eventually, Blade and his friends tracked him and Alden down. he fought Blade, and would have killed him, had Quiver not shot him. Blade then used his hook swords to strangle him to death.


Nid was the only person in the world, other than Toph, who has mastered all three forms of Earthbending. He is also extremely strong, as he was able to choke Blade with his bare hands.


Nid strongly disliked rules, a trait that both lead him into the crime business and his relationship with Toph. He was also shown to be willing to kill, and his silent serious attitude shows that.

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