By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Esates continuity.
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Kumaro, Wei, Aditi, Hari, Haruka, Fire Nation


Bharato, Et Dah, Phoenix Estates

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Chapter XVI:Ember Island


Neza was a female frebender, and a close friend of Kumaro. She lived in the Fire Naion capital, and when the Phoenix Estates invaded, she had to flee to Ember Island, like the rest of the town. She wanted to help Kumaro in the war effort, and did so by helping him train several pilots for the Battle for the Fire Nation. She fought in said battle by defending the shores of Ash Island from the Phoenix Estates. She also took part in the Landing in the South, and helped infiltrate a Phoenix Estates city. While ther, Kumaro was captured, but she and Aditi broke him out, by haing one pose as a criminal. She was also part of a small goup of people that had been sent to investigate the disappearance of Kei's scouting party. After finding out if was a small cavalry of Phoenix Estates troops, she fought them along with the rest of her group. She later went into the Fire Nation jungle, anlong with Hari, Aditi, Wei, Haruka, and Kumaro. While there, she encountered a tribal community, and during her stay there, she adopted their clothing, as did Wei. She was also a part of the Battle of Nov Sol, and the Battle for Aggni. Later, she travelled to Ba Sing Se to hunt down Bharato. On the way, she told Kumaro she had feelings for him, which were reciporated.

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