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Last Time on T.L.A.T. A fortune-teller tells Gatton his incarnations dark future. He now is rushing to the temple to stop another assassin. Author's Note: The school is based on a 1840 to 1880 school


The sun rose in the East coast, emerging and illuminating on the sky in the morning. The breezes swept the leaves and ashes, as the water flowing on the river. It was a bright day for Finosa and Baizken as they walked to their school. They have some time and they each go into their different circles.

"Hey, Finosa, how are you doing today?" asked Finosa's friend, Sala.

"Oh, hi Sala. Fine, I guess. My brother keeps getting weirder and weirder," replied Finosa.

"Get used to it. My brother whose 16 spends two whole hours in the bathroom looking in his mirror." Sala chuckled. "Two hours!"

"Oh my Koh! Are you serious? How vain can you get?" joked Finosa.

"I am serious. You have seen him, right?" asked Sala.

"How could I not were all in the same class. His hair looks like it got caught in a hurricane. Anyway, I hope I don't have to coach, Tim, again." remarked Finosa.

"Why?" Sala asked.

"He can't tell one character from another. I might as well be teaching a toddler," said a slightly angry Finosa.

"Um, I think your brother wants you for something," said Finosa's friend.

"Hey, wanna play hide and explode we only need one more bender," asked Baizken

"Um..." said Sala, not knowing what to say.

"Sorry, not right now," Finosa said.

"Okay," Baizken said as he walked away.

"He seems like a nice brother," said Sala.

"Try living with him,"

Sala looked to the left. They both laughed and headed to the entrance of the school. They sit down and class starts. The teacher tells them a tale of energy bending."

"... and that is why energybending doesn't exist anymore."

"Mam, is it true that lightning is firebending?" asked a student.

"That is a bit off topic, but yes I suppose it is," replied the teacher.

"Shouldn't it be waterbending or airbending, being it comes with rain and it originates from the sky," Jinca remarked.

"Well actually, it's..." she couldn't finish.

Suddenly, the principal blows the recess bell, and class is dismissed. They all go outside for lunch. They get one hour of free time to play, eat, or study.

"Hey, want to play hide and explode?" asked Baizken.

"Ha, as if me, Jinca, would play such inferior game," Jinca said in a haughty tone.

"Okay," said Baizken.

As Baizken, sadly turns around, his elbow knocks the table where she was sitting and her water spills all over her."

"You, you, you! Now your gonna get it!" she yelled.

She snaps her fingers and a small flame appears. Her friends come out and prepare to beat up Baizken. 3 girls and a boy ranging in ages 10 to 15 come out to fight. Out of nowhere, Finosa appears.

"What did I tell you about Jinca," asked Finosa.

"Your advice would not have helped any way," said Baizken.

"Let's try to get help," Finosa said.

"No, Sis, I got this," said Baizken in a confident tone.

"You got spunk kid," An older kid said. "Now, I am glad I won't have to beat up your pretty sister."

As the sun breaching the horizon, hung over the blue sky, the bell rings, a teacher came and all the kids go back inside. Baizken told the teacher he feels sick and is need to going home. He walked slowly, his head sulking, to a sword shop, and enters humbly.

"Hello, what would you. Oh it's a kid. Ya lost or something," said the owner.

"No, I want to buy a sword," replied Baizken.

"Well, what kind of toy sword would you like?" asked the man.

"I am almost 13, I want a real sword; I need to fight," said Baizken.

"Well how much money you got?"

This is where having a rich father, who's a sage, comes in handy.

"Oh, only 200 gold pieces," the boy said.

"Caching, I have just what you are looking for," he said with dollar signs in his eyes.

They go to a hidden door and he shows him inside. All types of weapons and armors are inside. One armor stands out to Baizken; it has a skull helmet which scared him out. Then, covered with a scarlet drape, the sword crafter unveils his master-piece.

"This is a favorite of mine, A simple broad sword with a dragon on it, right. Well, feel it with seven strokes," the owner walked toward Baizken, giving a dragon-carved sword to him.

"Alright. It feels light, yet so strong. But, this is not worth what I am paying," said Baizken.

"Hmm, I wonder what that button does," asks the man.

He presses a button on on the grip. When, a knife popped out flying out at blazing speed and hits a pole. He presses the button again, and it retracts back in.

"It is magic," said Baizken awe.

"No boy, you see springs are coil inside there making the small spike come out. Then it goes so far until it hits something. Note: It can only go so far. So once it has hits something than a invisible wire reels it back in when you hold it down causing gears to move. Henceforth, bringing the spike back inside the sword handle," the craft maker explained.

"Wow!" exclaimed Baizken.

"Wow is right, now, about your payment..." said the man.

"Ah, yes, here you go," Baizken gave the man a pouch of money, and he walked out.

"Thank you, lad," the man said.

The boy stepped between alleys and streets, grabbed a single covered-sword. His proud exploded moreover which he's underage to own a sword, and he got it. Meanwhile, Finosa is contemplating whether or not to tell the principal about the attack.

"Finosa, do you want to get killed? You're one in fifty students; do you think she'll pay attention?" said Sala.

"I have another idea," Finosa replied, smiling to her friend.

As Finosa murmured to Sala, some students walked outside the class. Afterward, they gathered up some students and go to tell the principal what happened.

"Where is Baizken?" asked Sala.

"I think he told the teacher he felt sick and went home," said a student.

They entered the office and tell the principal what was happened. Sala led the students to the principal room, with nervous she told her principal. Horrified, the principal putted the whole day of school on hold and sent them home.

"Grandma, where is Baizken?" Finosa asked.

"I thought he was at school with you," said Grandma.

"Oh, no!" She shouted aloud. "He has gone since the sun hung on the sky, exact when teachers rang the bell. You don't think he's hurt?" Finosa mumbled, who was very worried.

Her grandmother smiled wisely as she patted her, "No need to worry, Finosa. Baizken is a brave boy and he has his grandfather's blood to face hundred adventures, even it will be a dangerous sometime."

"Well, if you think so, I'll check to see if he with the neighbors," Finosa sighed, began to ran outside her house.

"And I will tell the police," said Grandma.

"Ooh, was there a robbery," asked Baizken as he entered the house.

"Baizken, where were you?" asked Grandma.

"Oh, nowhere. Hey there is a letter that said Grandpa wants me and Finosa at the temple," said Baizken.

"Hmm, well you better get going," replied Grandma.

"You're letting us go alone?" Finosa asked her.

"I think you're old enough, Finosa," Grandma said wisely.

"Yay!! Let's get there posthaste!" Baizken said.

So they left. Only to be clueless about the upcoming battle that could shape a nation.

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