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Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.

News and Updates for the fan fiction story Xiaons, along with other works by LenPoles.

Xiaons: Young Knights

Prologue Arc

Chapter 1: The end of preparation (pol. Koniec przygotowań)

Pending Release Date: September 2012 (?)

Chapter 2: Unappreciated (pol. Niedocenieni)

Xiaons: First War

Xiaons First War cover

Part 2: Journey to the Capitals

Chapter 5: Jean

Pending Release Date: 4 May, 2012

Kazelians prepare another blitzkrieg, they want to get Przemyśl - capital of Poland. Comes to the battle of Wroclaw.

Epilogue: Prince Olerik

Pending Release Date: 11 May, 2012

Alexa breaks up with Jake. In Kazelians appears successor number two.


  • In the forms is the appearance on Avatar Wiki graphics by LenPoles.


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