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By RageOfFluffy Part of the Writings of Ai continuity.

Here you will find all the latest news and updates for RageOfFluffy's fanon, Writings of Ai.


9 October 2011

I am going to start adding to my chapters in an effort to make them a little longer, and in effect, my future chapters will be longer as well. I will also be working on character pages and pictures soon.

The third chapter, Ruminations, is coming along rather slowly as I am very, very busy. Updating may become much less within the next 10 - 30 days as I am about to write my final exams. As soon as Ruminations is finished, I will start updating previous chapters and character pages.

15 October 2011

I am on the verge of finishing off my latest chapter, Ruminations. Once that is done I will try to speed up production, but that is not guaranteed.

I am, however, already in planning mode for the next few chapters!

9 November 2011

Chapter 3, Ruminations, is finally done! It's a short chapter and I might add to it later, but for now it's complete.

I will start on the fourth chapter whenever I get time, it might be sooner and it might be later.

2 May 2012

After a time of inactivity, the series will continue.

Writings of Ai
What Do I Say - The Last Airbender - Ruminations - Sisters of the Wind
Ai - Atma - Shimai Sisters
Mentioned Characters
Hanu - Saiya Lee - Prince Shuo - Adar

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