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Nathan Miranda

Those Bored Eyes Chapters:

Chapter 1: Return to Omashu

Chapter 2: Past and Present

Chapter 3: The Chase Part 1

Chapter 4: The Chase Part 2

Chapter 5: Quiet

Chapter 6: Blush

Chapter 7: Tragedy

Chapter 8: Red, Pink, Green

Chapter 9: The Drill

Chapter 10: The Earth King

Chapter 11: Crossroads of Destiny

Chaper 12: The Awakening

Chapter 13: The Beach

Chapter 14: The Day of Black Sun

Chapter 15: Broken Hearts

Chapter 16: The Boiling Rock

Chapter 17: Prison

Chapter 18: Journey's End


This is the updates page for Those Bored Eyes. I'm working really hard to get chapters up soon. Hopefully there will be about 14 episodes in the end. Please, reader feedback is greatly appreciated.


Chapter 8: Red, Pink, Green 60% Get ready for an Azula that will make even you feel bad for her. Chapter 6: Blush Chapter 7:Tragedy 100% This chapter is available to be read.

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