By PSUAvatar14 Part of the The Weatherbenders continuity.

This page contains all the latest updates for The Weatherbenders.

Chapter Progress

All chapters complete. For the next number of days needed, this page will serve as updates on character progress.

Team Avatar Characters

Meteorologist Characters



Future works?

I am planning two future fanons. One or both could reach the production phase.

  • Life in a Fallen City: A story about a boy and his family living in Ba Sing Se during its time under Fire Nation control.
  • The Waterbender and the Kyoshi Warrior (Tentative title): A look into the friendship of Katara and Ty Lee which you saw form in From Enemies to Friends and was seen hinted at during this series.

More developments when they come available.

A third option I have considered is resuming the presently inactive Asami's Story. As I get closer to the end of TWB, updates will make themselves known.

See more

For the collective works of the author, go here.

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