By Kilo99 Part of the Avatar: The Shattered Cycle continuity.

This is the news and/or update page on the Fanon Avatar: The Shattered Cycle by the acclaimed author, Kilo99.

Main Chapter Updates

For an overall structure of the story, the entire series will be split up into chronicles, the first being the Prologue Chronicle, the second being the Assassin Chronicle, the third being the Crisis Chronicle, the fourth and final being the Death Chronicle. The number and titles of the chronicles are subject to change. Before you say anything, the structure of the chapters will be very much like Better World.

Chapter Updates

The very first chapter, A Day Unlike Any Other, has been released last week, in case you haven't noticed. If you haven't read all of it, click on the link, read it, and comment it. Comments on my chapter pages he me to write more, so please, comment it.

I am currently writing the second chapter, The Fallen, which will mainly depict the funeral and mourning of Aang. There will be a LOT of angst and depression in this chapter, as well as happy, yet heartbreaking, moments of memories.

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