By RuleroftheBisons97 Part of the The Lost Scrolls continuity.

This is the News and Updates page for The Lost Scrolls and for two others as well.

Chapter Progress

Chapter 7 for The Lost Scrolls is here! Ch.8 is 75% done.

Note: I'm still deciding whether to add a few more chapters because I reviewed the main plot and it seems that I might have missed a few points so instead of 50 chapters, it could be 61.

Chapter 6 of A: SoaA has been released and Ch. 7 has barely begun production and could be released either March 16 or March 18. The author only has a page and a half done for the chapter and is very sorry for the delay due to experiencing writer's block.

The third short for A: TMA has been decided. The release date for the short has still to be decided but it's possible for St. Patrick's Day. It will be about the holiday.


Keep a lookout for a review of The Lost Scrolls.

Notes: The Lost Scrolls will be inactive in the month of March. A: SoA will be active in that month. The author is doing a pattern because he's been focusing too much on the former. A: TMA will not be affected, as it is one short almost every two weeks.

The minisode for A: SoaA has been released!

The author has gotten sick and instead of writing the whole chapter out and scanning for errors, he has been writing about 1/2 a page every other day.


I noticed that many other fanons have subscriptions but I have already decided not to do any because I know I won't get to everyone before they look at Recent Wiki Activity and say "oh, a new chapter." (Note: If you want, I'll gladly inform you when I release the next chapter. Just send me a messenger hawk. Yes, anons too). =)

Because of the possible review, I have decided to fix the first six chapters of The Lost Scrolls.

The 1st Minisode of The Lost Scrolls is out! You can find it here.


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