By Phoenixbender Part of the The Legend of Sasuke continuity.
The Louberry Messenger Edition #1
Hey ! This is Phoenixbender! This is the first edition of the Louberry Tales Messenger! First off, I'd like to thank Bobo, our messenger hawk, for delivering this newspaper! If you haven't seen the Louberry Tales, see it now. Its basically a collection of interconnected canon and fanon.

The Legend of Sasuke

The Legend of Sasuke is getting interesting! Sasuke has not only learned about the invader's motives but has developed hostilities with the Air Nation! We are nearing the Book 1 finale and it will be definitely be finished in a week or so! Stay tuned for rapid chapter airing!

Beginning of Creation

This is a soon to come fanon. It will chronologically start at the beginning of time. It will be written in poetic verse. It is about how spirits and man are truly just pawns in the war between Vaatu and Raava.

The ying yang kept balance at the start

The two split apart

Yin became Raava

Yang became Vaatu

They struggled on

finally Raava made Vaatu gone

Raava made a world of spirits

Banished Vaatu made a world of darkness made of material

Thanks! Stay tuned for more Louberry Tales and I hope you keep reading!

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