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Hakoda motivates the troops By PreservationsWings Part of the The Hunter's Gem continuity.

This is the News and updates page for The Hunter's Gem. Here, you can find info, sneak peeks for upcoming chapters, and can also subscribe, just like the main page.

General News

  • Page makeover has been finished! :)
  • The sneak peek for chapter 2 will be posted soon, and a sneak peek of chapter 4 will be sent out to subscribers soon, via email. Please make sure your email option is on.
  • Writing has begun on chapter 2.
  • The titles of the next six chapters have been released.

Important Things to Know Before Reading

As Avatar|Future is different from the original series, this section will serve as a guide for things you need to know.


Previous Chapters

Chapter 1

Zuko spots Aang and Katara

Name: Spotted

  • Outline Yes check Done
  • Writing Yes check Done
  • Rewrite Yes check Done
  • Finishing touches Yes check Done
  • Publishing Yes check Done
  • Amount Complete: 100%
  • Current Word Count: 4,465
  • Release Date: December 25th, 2012

Author's Notes

Wow, it's finally done. Don't judge me when I say this: It took me a year to finish this. There, I said it. This chapter probably is and will always be the hardest chapter I will ever write. I spent most of my writing time taking the chapter and completely rewriting every last scene. My earliest draft wasn't even what I have today; it was about how Kallik's dad dies. It wasn't until recently I actually felt the story was even ready to be edited. But, now, I'm finished, so I'm just going to kick back and watch how you guys react. =) -  Wings wallcontribs

Current Chapter

Council gavel

Chapter 2

Name: A Game of Politics, Part 1

  • Outline Yes check Done
  • Writing Yes check Done
  • Rewrite No check Not done
  • Finishing touches No check Not done
  • Publishing No check Not done
  • Amount Complete: 90%
  • Current Word Count: 4,973
  • Release Date: March 8th, 2013

Preview: Coming soon...

Upcoming Chapters

Remember, any of the titles below are subject to change at any time.

  • Chapter Three - A Game of Politics, Part 2
  • Chapter Four - A Day Out
  • Chapter Five - The Hunt

Character Pages

  • Kallik - No check Not done
  • Surgik - No check Not done
  • Kia - No check Not done
  • Kallik's Father - No check Not done
  • Nukka - No check Not done
  • Lyra - No check Not done


I have the list of subscribers here too. You can subscribe here or at the home page via comment.

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