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By Mel9079 Part of the The GemBladers continuity.

The page is the updates\review page for The GemBladers, the story written by Mel9079.


  • Expected Prologue Publish Date; Friday, October Fifth, 2012
  • Confirmed Prologue Publish Date; Tuesday, October Second, 2012
  • Part One; Yes check Done
  • Part Two; Yes check Done
  • Part Three; Yes check Done
  • Part Four; Yes check Done
  • Part Five; Yes check Done
  • Part Six; Yes check Done
  • Part Seven; Yes check Done

Prologue's Over all

  • Writing Progress; Yes check Done
  • Editing; 0% By others (?) Yes check Done By Author
  • Trivia; No check Not done Not yet
  • Images; No check Not done Not Yet

Chapter One

No check Not done

  • Part one; No check Not done

Writing; No check Not done 5%

Chapter One Over All


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