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Aang in the opening

The First Avatar.

This page contains news and update information regarding upcoming chapters for The First Avatar, in addition to current chapter writing progress.

Where I Write my Chapters

I write my chapters on my current sandbox. Whatever is written here has the potential to change at any time and as such is not considered reliable until it has been published on its own page, after which I extricate all my notes from the Sandbox. I highly advise readers to refrain from observing my sandbox for the above reasons, in addition to making it clear that unless the edits are to correct trivial punctuation or spelling mistakes, that no one edits the page. The only real exception at this point is The Ultimate Waterbender as she is my co-editor for the series.

Previous Chapter

The Forged Friendships, Part 1 was released nearly a month ago and is currently available for reading. This was my longest chapter to date.

Chapter Progress

I'm currently starting to write the latter half of the two-part "The Forged Friendships", which will be entitled The Forged Friendships, Part 2 once finished. At this point I only have the "propertyother" (since replaced by the "property" one) template as well as the chapter infobox in my sandbox. Effective Dec.25, 2011, I've started writing the chapter.

Jan.10, 2012: I've now expanded a section, but despite the large growth, it still doesn't amount to much in terms of my writing progress.

Writing Progress:10%

Future Chapters

The chapter after the The Forged Friendships two-parter is currently known as Labour, Labour, and Even More Labour (which could just be a working title).

Other Announcements

As this is my first fanon series, it will put my storytelling abilities to the test. Bear with me if I am somewhat burned out after writing another chapter or two, as I'll need to scrounge for more possible ideas to continue on afterwards.

(12/19): I've seemed to have nearly forgotten my work (not in that sense, but rather in terms of prioritizing). I need to get back on this after my exams are finished.

(03/03/13): I may be abandoning this fanon as I've run out of ideas on how to progress and the drive to make those changes. I feel how Ultimate felt when she had to cancel one of her fanon series due to lack of preparation beforehand. Fear not though, as I'm in the preliminary stages of authoring a new fanon series; one that this time will have more of a plan in the works and not simply be a rehashing of the A:TLA story as was likely going to be the case with The First Avatar. At this point I've already determined a title, several of the characters and some of the settings. Story-wise, I'm looking at incorporating some of the successful elements of TFA such as Malu, the intelligence agency for which she works, the partial Avatar State-inspired abilities I've been writing about and a similar timeline, if not later than TFA but before the original series. I won't truly be able to start much work on the story itself until I'm done my exams close to the end of next month, but perhaps I can further develop the characters and start the necessary pages as time progresses.

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