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By RainbowFlames Part of the Avatar: Tales from the Desert continuity.

This is the page where you can find out news, info, and updates on my fanon Avatar: Tales from the Desert. It usually takes me 2-4 days to post between chapters. Let's say I post chapter 3 on Monday. I may not have chapter 4 up till Friday at the latest..depending on how busy I am, it might even take a week or two until the next chapter is up for viewing. But please, bear with me. I'm working on this every chance I get, and I'm doing it by myself! So if it takes a while between chapters, then try to understand I'm a busy person. Thanks for reading.

Yours Truly, RF(:

Just released

Chapter One: Avatar Miru

Coming up

Chapter Two: It All Begins Here (Hopefully I'll get it up and posted in a few days)

Note:Chapter titles may change

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