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Aang at deserted Southern Air Temple

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Chapter 1

  • Good Times
  • Percent Complete: 100%
  • Release date: June 11, 2011

This chapters occurs in the Souther Air Temple, Chon and Yang were playing Airball when a messager hawk arrives and gives an invitation to Chon to attend the Fire Lord's speech, Yang is doubtful about it because his friend said that he never want to a speech of the Fire Lord in the coronation plaza, but Chon is sure it's not very important.

Chapter 2

Capital crater

Chon is disappointed about Sozin's speech, it was about beginning the war, which Chon's assignment is to kill all the Air Nomads in the Southern Air Temple, while the rest of the soldiers goes to the others temples. Trying to protect Yang, Chon send to him a letter.

Chapter 3 (Current)

  • TBA
  • Percent Complete: 93%
  • Release date: Unknown

Yang arrives at the Fire Nation Capital and discovers that no one is there.

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