By AvatarPabu Part of the Avatar: Spirit Saga continuity.

Released Chapters

  • Book One/Chapter One: Ideas (7/14/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Two: Air Temple Island (7/25/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Three: The Celebration (7/26/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Four: Jet's Story (7/30/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Five: Exposed (7/31/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Six: Words of Truth (8/1/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Seven: Throne of Platinum (8/12/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Eight: Captivity (8/12/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Nine: A New Hero (8/12/12)
  • Book One/Chapter Ten: Faceless (8/12/12)

Latest Update

Woo! I had the last four chapters of Book One written for about a week now, but haven't had the chance to post them. Well, I did today, and Book One has been completed! Thanks to all the readers who have read since Chapter One was first released. Book Two will arrive in the coming days. Thank you all so much! See you in Book Two! Since I don't label the Book Number in the title of each chapter, the chapters after those in Book One will continue on in the normal numerical order. -August 12, 2012

Coming Soon

Book Two/Chapter Eleven

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