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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Silent Hero in Emerald.


Gist of the Tale

Silent Hero in Emerald tells the story of Yuhan, a quirky but formidable agent of the Dai Li. He begins to question the laws of his organization after falling for Riya, a girl whom they say will pay the price for threatening the balance of Ba Sing Se.

Current production notes

For those of you who didn't already know, waiting for updates from this fanon is an astounding process that teaches you strength and perseverance in the art of divine patience.

  • Chapter Progress: Well, the author knows what's going to happen. It's just not out of her head and on paper yet :>
  • Desired update time: September-October 2016
  • Realistic update time: Probably very near 2017
  • HOWEVER: Major revisions have been taking place within the first 10-15 chapters. If you're craving new writing, go back and read these expansions! Seriously!

What Happened Last Chapter?

Chapter 25: Earth Kingdom it Is

"No war in Ba Sing Se, my ass!"

Yuhan and Hiroshu both react to horrifying news this chapter, which prompts them to head back towards Ba Sing Se whether they're ready or not. Their journey naturally starts off with some complications.

Key facts:

  • Yuhan can't earthbend. His arms have only just healed and can't be strained that much yet.
  • A certain mad genius king drags him on a field trip to his earthbending origins, the Cave of Two Lovers - which he's terrified of
  • Yuhan gets caved in by the King of Omashu and throws quite the tantrum when he's casually told that Fire Lord Sozin wants to burn down Ba Sing Se
  • Hiroshu witnesses a deranged Azula return from the Boiling Rock. In her paranoia, she orders his imprisonment just for his past association with Yuhan (a traitor)
  • Because of that, he makes the bold move to ditch the Fire Nation. His journey starts with unimaginable consequences (like his hair)
  • This chapter will be more lighthearted and easier on your soul than the average

Feel free to ask for more detailed snippets via subscription if you're interested (and don't mind major spoilers).

Coming Up...

Chapter 26: Brightest in the Dark

"I'm going to die in a cave while Riya gets burned down with my city from an evil comet. Brilliant."
―Yuhan's optimism

Things to expect (subject to change)

  • Yuhan runs into music-loving ferocious beasts in the Lovers' Cave.
  • He also discovers a certain tomb.
  • The crystal path turns out to be no good because the other exit is also caved in.
  • It's very likely that he'll totally lose it at this point.
  • But he also has some nice flashbacks!
  • Does he know the true meaning of earthbending? o.o

Random Fun Facts and Commentary

  • Lady Lostris, the canonical expert, usually has the final say in whether or not a plot idea in this fanon is realistic and useable.
  • Mageddon725 is unquestionably the author who suffers most waiting for updates. He also started Suroshu, which the author can definitely live without.
  • Nazgullow is the most glorious, generous illustrator this author could ever ask for. No amount of gratitude will ever be enough ;_; (And if you're reading this, Naz, you're still insane for thinking your work is mediocre. TAKE THE PRAISE, DUDE.)
  • Yuhan has appeared via cameos in random fanon newsletter staff story/parody articles at least 10 times more often than he appears in a new chapter of his own fanon. This is probably his author's fault, since she's part of newsletter staff in the first place. Sorry to those who find agony seeing both author and Yuhan anywhere except in a new chapter :>

Trivia: Yuhan's Antics Outside the Fanon

There's enough things now to make a list of every weird ordeal he's gone through outside the plot of SHiE (links added later). Where has Yuhan been spotted if not in SHiE?

  • Being used in a ridiculous hypothetical battle scene against Aang (who was disguised as an agent) in one of Minnichi's newsletter articles rambling about writing do's and don't's
  • Tripping over a cabbage before being approached by Pu-On Tim, the overzealous playwright who was desperately seeking funding from Ba Sing Se's authorities
  • Being thrown in a group who came from different universes, and one of them hates his guts enough for constant murder attempts
  • Being dragged into a Fanon Author Valentine's Day party, where he tried to kill Minnichi after realizing who she is (ergo, ruiner of his life)
  • Being borrowed in the Dai Li parts of other fanons
  • Lost in some limbo place with other fanon characters who've gotten lost and insane due to their authors' eternity of no updates
  • Having an epic rap battle on his author's behalf against a Water Tribe girl representing his author's rival

...and there'll surely be more.

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