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Out of many voices, one will be heard...

Welcome to the update page of Secrets of the Wind by Momoam15. Here you will learn more about The Secrets of the Wind story and the updates and release dates for all the chapters, as well as insider information.

Prologue: A reason to live

Summary: In the middle of the Air Nomad Genocide, 13 year old Aalyia is searching for a place to hide from ruthless firebenders. She finds a sanctuary in the Eastern Air Temple and starts to realize that this may ultimately be the end of her, and her people.

Complete: 100%

Beta-Reading: 100%


Book 1: The Younger Years

The Keystone of hair

Summary: Sitting in silence, Aalyia starts to notice every little detail of her hiding place. The mats, the statue, the paintings. And even......her hair.



Reviews: Positive

Just Desserts

Summary: Being inside the sanctuary causes Aalyia to look back on her time spent in the room. And the smokey smell replaces the scent of something sweeter. We learn a little bit about her relationship with Iio, as well as her insecurities.

Complete: 100%

Beta-Reading: 100%

Reviews: Positive


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Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple
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