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Hello, ruler of the bison, here, signing it to announce my fanons. Read them all, please, and remember, I am the supreme lord of all bison! RuleroftheBisons97(Fanon) My fanons will be addressed as this:

ACTIVE ~ This fanon is currently releasing chapters every two weeks.

HIATUS ~ This fanon is currently not releasing chapters.

DISCONTINUED ~ This fanon has been canceled.

FIN ~ This fanon has finished.

UPCOMING ~ This fanon is about to be released.

The Lost Scrolls


This fanon is about Team Avatar heading on a new adventure to find four Lost Scrolls that hold the secret to the four nations and bending arts. Many seek these prized possessions, using it for the destruction of the universe! Now, Team Avatar returns to find the Scrolls before they can cause harm, but they must act fast, because new and old villains return to seek their own vengeance, as well as facing the fury of the Spirits. HIATUS


Due to unexpected circumstances, the Lost Scrolls is currently returning with chapters being released all throughout winter and 2013.


Latest Chapter: Leaves From the Vine

Next Chapter Completion: 14%

Avatar: Before the Legends

This fanon will tell the tale of all members of Team Avatar, with one story released so far. This fanon will also be published on The Library Wikia and Check out the main page with its cool formatting here!

Aang: Story of an Airbender


My praised fanon out of all the three. This fanon tells the tale of Aang, before he met Katara and Sokka, living a fun and carefree life at the Southern Air Temple, with his best friend (and love interest) Mia, his lifelong companion and friend, Appa, and his guardian, Gyatso. However, that soon changes when Aang finds out he is the Avatar and his life is turn upside-down when he is told to hunt for missing airbenders, and deal with his rival, Aka, who wants to be the Avatar. However, everyone is blind to the traitorous nomad living within the temple. HIATUS


Reviews have been released of Aang: Story of an Airbender. They can be found linked onto the main page.

I "discovered" (wrote) a chapter I had lost when my laptop broke, but I remembered it had been written down in paper. This wil be the next chapter that comes out, called "Childhood: The Lost Chapter"


Latest New Chapter: Shadows of Flames

Latest Revised Chapter: Ceremony of the Four Relics

Next Chapter Rewrite: 30% (Due 1/19/14)

Next Chapter: 1% (Due ???)

Katara & Sokka: Tales of the Southern Water Tribe


The second fanon of Avatar: Before the Legends, attempts to reveal Katara and Sokka's struggles of siblings, relationships, and more as they attempt to stop a civil war between the villages after one of their fights go to far. UPCOMING


Next Chapter Completion: 99% (Due ???)

Avatar: The Mini-Adventures


This dry-comedy fanon was inspired by Sokka's Days and The Lost Adventures, attempting to present what Team Avatar was up to during their adventures. The fana has indefinitely stopped production, but will be replaced a new better one after Aang: Story of an Airbender is completed. DISCONTINUED



In Republic City, Rukei is framed for a crime he didn't commit and forced into exile, leaving his home. Rukei joins forces with Iho as the two are recruited by a group dedicated to stopping the metalbending police: the Sapphire Emeralds. They also have a history of fighting the Triple Threat Triad and starting rebellions. Rukei only wants to clear his name and reunite with his family, but that may be impossible when a new threat begins to emerge. UPCOMING


The fanon has begun production!


Next Chapter Completion: 17% (Due 11/?/13)

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The Bison and the Merchant (poem) | Lemur Lost, Reward If Found
The Hunger Games
Jailbreak | Legend of the Fire Hawk
Who Stole the Satomobile? | The Legend of Pabu
v - e Republic City Underworld
1: The Welcome - 2: The Threat - 3: The Mole - 4: The Revelation - 5: The Tears
6: The Fix - 7: The Crooked - 8: The Trap - 9: The Fugitive - 10: The Beacon
Closure - Sheltered Tree

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