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In Republic City, the possibilities are endless.
Parallel is a series of one-shots, taking coinciding perspectives from a group of individuals, a few with relations, most unacquainted, and intersecting them in a common ending.
In a time of turmoil, the teenagers and young adults of Republic City are faced with ever growing, constant troubles.
Can the youth of this great city outlast the inevitable end? Or will the universe dictate differently?
The path of fate will collide for some, and divide others.
This is their story.
General News
Update: 14th June, 2014:

Okay, this has been a while coming. To be clear, OAN, Henry, and I still have every intention of completing (*ahem* writing) this story at some point, however at this point in time, it's just not feasible. Bray has not been active on the project for almost six months, and thus is not considered to be on the writing team any more. However, he may come back at a later date.

Apologies to everyone who was waiting for this. It will come, eventually. Of that, we can be sure.
Frui (🌹🐝🐝🐝) 13:13, June 14, 2014 (UTC)

Update: 15th February, 2014:
Due to author troubles, the writers of this group have been reduced to three. Currently, the authors remaining are Fruipit, Henryjh98 and Originalavatarnerdling. We are waiting to hear from ByBray in regards to his status in continuing this story. Regardless his own feelings, it has been decided that the first three will continue with this story, no matter what.

We are currently revising the planned chapters in order to make it slightly simpler with the fewer characters. We want to thank everyone who has already subscribed, and we can't wait for you to (finally) be able to read it.

Thank you, everyone!
From the Parallel Team

Chapter Status
There are currently no chapters in development, however idea have been tosed around as to how to deal with the loss of several members of the team. Any future updates will be posted to this page, despite its 'archived' status. Thank you~!
Character Pages
See above.

See more

For the collective works of ByBray, go here. For the collective works of Henryjh98, go here. For the collective works of Fruipit, go here. For the collective works of Originalavatarnerdling, go here.
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Currently being rewritten


Chapter One - TBD

Main Characters

Arsen Feng, Akira Huang, Jia Buzu, and Shui Chuan

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