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By AwesomeStranger Part of the Pabu: The Last Avatar continuity.
Pabu: The Last Avatar
General information







20 planned for Book 1




Avatar: The Lives After Korra

Recent Updates

NOTES: Any news concerning a certain chapter in the series will be deleted once the chapter is posted. Any news relating to the fanon itself will be kept here once the information becomes old or irrelevant. Any major changes to the fanon will get their own separate sections.

December 13

This series is alive once again! After being left for dead a couple months ago, this series is back!

Coming Up

Below is where you will find release windows for upcoming chapters. Release windows may be occasionally be pushed forward or a particular date may be set depending on how late in production the chapter is.

Recently Released

Below is where you will find links to the past few chapters released once the fanon launches.

Sneak Peek

Below is where you will find a paragraph or two from the next chapter scheduled to be posted.

The Chapter 1 sneak peek will be posted soon!

See more

For the collective works of the author, go here.

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