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By Doubledom897 Part of the Noatak's Destiny continuity.
Young Noatak and Tarrlok
Noatak's Destiny
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Follow this page to receive updates on Noatak's Destiny.

I am hoping to have one new chapter at least every month. Check this page, however, because I will most-likely have chapters up faster than once every month.

Chapter Updates

Chapter 1

  • Status: Complete
  • Preview: Angered, Noatak runs away from home. This ends up turning into an ambition to seek a new way of living; somewhere with hope. This resulted from Noatak meeting a family of three filled with hope, and Noatak seeks the kidnapped boy in order to restore the family's tragic loss.

Chapter 2

  • Status: Pending...
  • Preview: Noatak explains what happened after he got his bending taken away, and tells about his commonalities with Keman.
  • Additional Information: I have published the first section of the story. However, keep in mind that there is much more to be added!

(Updated on June 30th, 2013)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you're wondering about the sudden appearance of the full moon, I introduced the fact that it was full in chapter one AFTER I completed it...

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