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By Bahjy1 Part of the Next Generations continuity.
Welcome to the Updates Page of the Story Next Generations

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Important Notes

  • Newer updates appear first
  • Fully reviewed means free of spelling and typing mistakes, grammar errors, and goofs


Book Two

Chapter Two (B2#2) is finally released! Read here! -- 11:18, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

Chapter One (B2#1) is finally released! Read here! -- 15:17, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

Know what ? Forget about time-wasting. The production of Book Two will begin! Character pages are mostly unneeded and battle pages are extremely unneeded. Chapter one will be released in less than 7 days. -- 11:50, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

Older Archives

Chapter Statuses

Book One

No.Chapter NameOriginal Release DateReviewing Status
#1 New Babies Are Born25 August 2011100%
#2 Escaping Prison26 August 2011100%
#3 Jong Kong26 August 2011100%
#4 Omashu Without Bumi27 August 2011100%
#5 Earth-building28 August 2011100%
#6 Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 1)30 August 2011100%
#7 Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 2)31 August 2011100%
#8 The Disappointment4 September 2011100%
#9 Earth King And Fire Lord6 September 2011100%
#10 Zhao The Invincible12 September 2011100%
#11 It's Never Too Late (Part 1)18 September 20110%
#12 It's Never Too Late (Part 2)24 September 20110%
#13 It's Never Too Late (Part 3)30 September 20110%
#14 The Glory Of The Old Nation17 October 20110%
#15 Jimg Of Gaoling24 October 20110%
#16 In The Eyes Of Pathik30 October 20110%
#17 Preparing For It
(Co-written with BlackMonkey)
12 November 20110%
#18 The Battle Needs A Sacrifice17 November 20110%

Book Two

No.Chapter NameOriginal Release DateReviewing Status
#1 (#19) The Next Generations31 January 20120%
#2 (#20) Avatar Of Ice And Water4 February 20120%


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