By Tara22 and Moph93 Part of the Life After the War continuity.

This is the news page for the fanon, Life After the War written by  Moph93 and Tara22

Upcoming Chapters

A Party Crashed-35% They celebrate Pakku's birthday, Sokka has some news and something UNEXPECTED happens.

Chapter Progress

A Change in Plans - This chapter has been released for people to read.

FanonBending Nomination

We have Been Nominated for a fanonbending Award by TyLeefan421 so go vote for us. Please(: Thank you so much TyLeefan we really apreciate it(: AND, we only need a couple of more votes to get a SECOND badge!

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For the collective works of Moph93, go here. For Tara22, go here.

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