By Haybernathy and AvatarRokusGhost Part of the Avatar: Legends of Miyuki continuity.



This chapter shows the previous Avatar dying, and how. It immediately afterwards goes to Miyuki, and shows her cleaning. Bojing (her uncle) has a visitor, who will he be?


Chapter 1: New Life

This chapter shows Miyuki's doing her Firebending training and then finding out her identity.


Chapter 2: Ripples from the Past

This chapter shows Miyuki hearing more about her destiny and learning something toilsome about her family's past.


Chapter 3: The Shocking Truth

This chapter focuses on Miyuki and her uncle's relationship. Miyuki also overhears something she shouldn't have... what her reactions be? And how will she deal with it?


Chapter 4: Leaving

This chapter is about Miyuki's confrontation with her uncle and the catalyst which causes her to leave her old life behind and embark on a new journey.


Chapter 5: Mystery of the Headpiece

This chapter shows Miyuki and Ming arriving at a new town, but they find something important has been stolen in their first adventure on their own together.


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