Yangchen airbending By H-Man Havoc Part of the Legendary Spy:The Tales of Malu continuity.


Once again, I feel I should apologize to my previous fanon's readers as nothing's been released in more than 1 1/2 years, and I've currently rendered it inactive. We'll see what happens in the months to come, but I don't have much to go on at that point. My current chapter progress for the installment I was last working on over a year ago was around 10-15% as it was slated to be as big or bigger than the previous chapter. Anyone who wants to read the stunted, but still content-heavy chapter, can visit my alpha sandbox and view it there.

Where my chapters are written

Right on the wiki in my personal userspace of course, in my beta sandbox. As with this page's counterpart for TFA, I highly encourage readers to wait until my work's published before reading it, thus I ask the rest of you not to go into this sandbox unless I've given prior permission (provided nothing but minor spelling glitches are fixed) or if the user in question is one of my editors.

Previous Chapter


Work Progress


  • Liberation Yes check Done

Starting work on Ch.2, currently named Memories and Predictions.

I would like to write and publish new chapters every 2-4 weeks, but it could be longer between issues due to academic demands on me; I've my exams in April and then I'm scot-free for another issue. It could be faster as well if I'm particularly bored or have completed my work.

Chapter completion: 50%


No check Not done I'd wait until at least when the second or third chapter is published before starting to write these pages. It'll take a good bit of work to complete these, as I've 9 characters and one entity in my fanon, not including all the story information I'd have to add in as progression takes place.


No check Not done For the same reasons as above. I however have roughly 9 main locations planned for the duration of the fanon, although I may not write articles for one or two of them, given that I already linked one of the actual locations in my first chapter.

Other Supporting Pages

More to come later...


I'll be modifying my {{TFAchaps}} template, perhaps borrowing some code from Lady Lostris because hers are very well done. Of course I should ask her first. I'm not very good with programming so I might need help if it doesn't format properly.

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