By Skybender101 Part of the Legend of Mei Lien continuity.

Aang20791 wanted me to do a news page and I was inspired by Vulmen's news page for Eyes of Katara. So here is my news page for Legend of Mei Lien. I am not doing the Amount Complete thing on my

main page anymore.

Legend of Mei Lien


This fanon will consist of 12 chapters including an epilogue.

I'm probably going to start writing again this week since I can.

My fanon has won a Fanonbending award thanks to [[User:T ara22|T ara22]]


Revealings(is revealed)

Lanji's dad will finally be revealed! Will Lanying ever find a job? And how will Ranu and the Earth King search for the Avatar in Ba Sing Se

Amount Complete:100% YAY!


Wow this took me awhile to write! Sorry guys! But yes it is out and the next one will not be out for a long time I'm afraid.

I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I do.....As you can tell by the picture, that Avatar will be revealed.

Aang in the Avatar State


Amount Complete:100%

The Final Journey

Amount Complete:55% Yes, I haven't completely abandoned my Fanon :)


After Mei Lien discovered the revelation that she was indeed the Avatar, her strength will be tested when someone's real identity is revealed. Friendships will be vital in order for the young Avatar to fulfill her destiny. The fate of the leadership of the world rests in Mei Liens hands.

Will this be it?

Sneak Peek:

"Mei Lien. Mei Lien. Girl, can you hear me?" a voice murmured from above a limp girl. The girl named Mei Lien opened her droopy eyes slowly. A blurry vision of a man in emerald fancy clothing waving a hand in front of her was all she could make out. Mei Lien groaned as in saying "yes."

"Sit up girl," another gruff voice commanded.

The girl with the messy black hair and dark blurry eyes reluctantly obeyed. She examined her surroundings, her fogged up vision now gone. She was sitting on top a pile of wood surrounded by mounds and mounds of rubble. It seemed as if a tornado crashed through or an explosion went off. Two figures stood beside her; an older man with graying hair named Gin and a younger man with royal clothing who was the Earth King.


Yes there will be an epilogue!

Amount Complete:0%

Character Pages

So far six have been completed.


I am now adding Trivia sections on my chapters, starting from Into the Mountain, Part 2.

Author's Thank You

A special thank you to all of my readers who have been posting positive comments on my fanon chapters! I hope I can keep you all reading until the chapter finale. Thank you!

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