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Anything and everything you need to know about House of Cards can be found on this page. Updates and news relating to chapters in progress a well as new information can be found stored away here for fans who just can't wait long enough for the next chapter to come out.

A Few Points of Interest

The plot in House of Cards is one that was thought out and created by multiple people as part of an active Avatar RPG. Every character action, thought, and word was written by a separate role player. While the RPG has many different plots and story lines that are taking place at any given point in time, House of Cards took one character (Tega) and centralized the story around her so as to keep a coherent structure of events without compromising the story itself.

The original writing has remained largely intact with minor edits to allow for easier transition into chapters rather than an archive. The names seen associated with the chapters are the role players and writers.

Names may get added to this list as more characters are introduced. Idaks has a character as well, but prefers to not reveal which one is hers. Instead she has opted to keep her username from the other website as a matter of authenticity. Due to the method of compilation, however, Idaks has written sections and edited every chapter of House of Cards.

Chapter Progress

Chapters are posted when there is enough substance and content within the current role play to formulate a comprehensible chapter. Unfortunately, because chapters are only feasibly readable in chronological order, completed content is unable to be posted until the previous "chapter" is completed. Updates will come slowly as the players are under no time obligation to complete sections of the storyline.


January, February, and March

  1. Again and Again Yes check Done
  2. Looking For a Lifeline part 1 Yes check Done
  3. Looking For a Lifeline part 2 - 15%
  4. On Edge. - 5%
  5. She's got a Doll Face Yes check Done
  6. Innocent Bystanders Yes check Done
  7. The Underground - 95%
  8. Small World, Eh? Yes check Done
  9. A Chance Encounter - 14%
  10. Party Time! - 76%


April, May, and June

  1. Politics For Young and Old - 30%
  2. Apology - 0%
  3. A Matter of Perspective Yes check Done
  4. Rock Me Amadeus - 20%
  5. A Guilty Pleasure Yes check Done
  6. Countryside - 0%
  1. Eclairs and Abduction - 86%
  2. Suspicions Arise Yes check Done
  3. Here's Your Bling - 75%
  4. To Tega - 75%
  5. Meeting - 0%
  6. Comfort Food. - 12%
  7. Celebrate, Bro! - 15%
  8. She Is NOT Your Toy - 5%
  9. Last Night - 0%
  10. Leaving - 0%
  11. Brunch of Evil - 20%
  12. Bending Back - 0%
  13. Two versus Three - 12%
  14. Something's Bothering You - 13%


July, August, and September


October, November, and December

Furthering The Plot

Most of the credit for the current plot goes to Zhu Li, Meg, and Tsura. Those three... I don't even know. They come up with such obvious things sometimes that you're like "What the... why didn't I think of that??" and then they take something simple and twist it up into something super extravagant and horribly wonderful. Whether it's because they're all just freaking creative geniuses or what, these guys are what makes or breaks our stories. Just sayin'.

While the role play has other plots with other characters, because I've chosen to focus on a central character not ALL of the plots will be explored. Anything that branches off of these are omitted as well for the sake of condensing.That said, there are three intertwining plots House of Cards will focus on.

How do these plots all come full circle and mold together? Ahah! You're just gonna have to read the story to find out, huh?

These next paragraphs may include minor spoilers. You've officially been warned.

Tega's Romance

This is, of course, something Meg has come up with. I don't know if she is just a sucker for a good love story, but she definitely knows how to formulate drama. Tega is a character that wants love, but isn't looking for it. Yet somehow she ends up with two guys hanging onto her coattails: Yuu and Mako.

It is a classic love triangle (because what's a story without a love triangle—coughMikeandBryancough—obvious sarcasm) but what makes it work is that it is a very muted sort of romance that plays a significant background role and manages to stir up more trouble than it's even worth in the foreground—which is delicious.


Tsura has found a creative way to elaborate on and advance Mako in his current career with the po-po. He is transferred to the RCPD's Narcotics division and is sent to make a big drug bust within the Republic City Gangs—with the objective of landing some of their sorry asses behind bars.

The plan is for him to don a disguise as a notorious gangster named "Kaen, the Killer" from a Fire Nation gang called "The Red Dragons". There are obvious traumas to be had with Mako's character and questioning of morality is plentiful. While he's undercover, however, he comes across something he can't step away from (Mako, where is your brain??). He goes off-grid without telling anyone what's going on and without back-up. Good work Officer Mako—note more sarcasm.

Mobs vs. Mobsters

Republic City has all sort of non-benders who feel they are being treated unfairly. Due to this not only do we have the Equalists, but we now have other non-bender factions sprouting up from every darkened corner of the city. The most prominent of which is the Non-bender Alliance. Courtesy of Zhu Li and her mastermind scheming, the gangs of Republic City see the non-benders as a threat. As they should.

So the gangsters are teaming up to eliminate the non-benders and their silly belief of equality. Obviously benders are superior. Obviously.

TMI: The Word Count

  • Clubs - 8,052 words (Chapters 1-2)
  • Hearts - 0 words
  • Spades - 0 words
  • Diamonds - 0 words

Total House of Cards word count - 8,052 words

Totes Cray-Cray

Errmahgerd, everything in this section is all about the Idaks + Team HoC. Seriously, it's not like this story isn't mine, but it is sooooo a team effort. Everything fans of HoC love about the writing is not just me. Everything fans love about the characters is not just me. Everything fans love about the plot is not just me. This is just my way of showing off everything my fellow role players and I been working so hard on. I mean, while it's fun to role play just for kicks, sometimes it's nice to show other people how much thought and convolution can actually occur and still seem completely logical.

So this section is for me to blab about stuff related to me and everyone else working on this... but things are moving pretty slow right now. Mostly because it's, like, back-to-school time and such. I like questions, though. So shove one in my face. I dare ya. Unless, of course, you're too opossum-chicken.

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