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You can't do everything alone.

Welcome to the News and Updates central of the fanon, Helping One Another! Written by Humble!

Chapter One - Protect She Will

What would you do to save an old friend?

Lin Beifong's thoughts after Amon took her bending away.


100% Complete

Chapter Two - Lost and Found

Where, where, where?

Pabu wandering the streets of Republic City after Bolin got kidnapped.


100% Complete

Chapter 3- One Last Thing

He wore that scarf each day and night

There was one last thing in the house Characters:

100% Complete

Chapter 4- Resistance

She needs him. He needs her.


This is a very shippy oneshot.


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  • No AUs
  • All couples must be canon.
  • Must tie in with the events before, during, or after LoK Book 1.
    • If it's after, it must tie in with the information revealed at SDCC Comic Con 2012 or what we've learned from Endgame.

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