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This page contains information on upcoming chapters for Heiress of the Nile and any news or reports on chapter progress.


Set in a world that bears resemblance to the culture of the Ancient Egyptians, the citizens of the four nations are spread out over the land. While bandits roam the desert, Princess Lostris finds herself suppressed by Lord Naja, Grand Vizier of the Fire Nation and her legal guardian until she turns eighteen. With Taita at her side, Lostris is forced to meet him head on if she wants to keep the throne. A clash of political power and the blood-given right to rule will determine the fate of the world.

When the dark truth about her past is revealed, Lostris is forced to rediscover herself. Meeting friend and foe, trust and betrayal, peace and war, Lostris embarks on a journey towards destiny.

Chapter 1 - Start Reading

General news

February 7, 2016 - I just wanted to send out a general note that I haven't forgotten about this story, nor about the rewriting of the chapters, but I just have been busy with schoolwork and a side-project I started: another Korrasami-story akin to A Minute but then about the ending of Book 4.

Beginning 2015 - I've grown unsatisfied with the level of quality of some of my earlier chapters, and as such, I've embarked on a mission to rewrite those to bring them up a notch. Additionally to bringing up the overall quality, it's not to reread the story, brushing up on all the details I ever gave :-)

December 7, 2014 - So yeah ... after the hard drive of my laptop crashed months ago, I lost all the progress I had for chapter 12 and with the airing of Book Four of TLoK, I found it very hard to get back into my grove. However, a long train ride today made sure that I started the new chapter again. As usual, it didn't quite get me where I wanted to be yet, meaning it'll likely be another long chapter ^^".

July 27, 2014 - "For the first time in forever, I finally sat down. For the first time in forever, I took a pen to hand. I wrote the beginning of a chapter, I hope I can keep it up. Cause for the first time in forever, I wrote down some words." Okay, yeah, so as I so musically sung there, I have been stuck for the longest time with a chapter, but I think I found a way to carry on and I hope to finish and publish before I hit the shameful mark of not having a chapter update in a year :-S Bear with me people, I'm making this work!

March 24, 2014 - I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Really. All I can say is that I'm truly sorry and I hope to make it up. However, writing progress is slow... but at least there is progress. So yeah... sorry ^^".

September 5, 2013 - Exams and inspirations, what is their strange relation? I'm simply buzzing with creativity.

August 3, 2013 - Since I have been able thus far to write anything decent for "Betrayal", I have started tinkering around with some background scenes, especially for Naja, which I will try to put on paper in a decent way and they add in between the chapters so far -also to comply with some of the tips and criticism I got from the FRS-reviews, so thanks for that. The first scene is planned to be added to "Chapter 4 - Lucky Encounters (HotN)" and will reveal some of Naja's background and tell you more about Elaina.

July 23, 2013 - I apologize for the very long wait... again... and I have more bad news: I don't even have a daft version ready yet. I've sort of been unable to write anything down lately -which is interesting, as I know perfectly well what I want to happen in this chapter and how I want it to happen, but I just can't seem to get it out of my mind onto paper. And since another exam period is coming up for me, I don't even have the time to force myself to write another chapter before... Maybe September? :-S I'm really sorry about this, but rest assured, a new chapter will come... I just don't know when ^^".

May 17, 2013 - And here we are again, school deadlines to meet, exams to study for, bla bla bla . . .This will likely mean that there will be no more chapter publishing before . . . July? "Bright side", I'm getting another surgery done on my foot, so I won't be able to decently walk around for 6 weeks, 4 of which I can't even stand on my foot (not allowed to 9_9). So hey, mandatory sitting down equals writing? Possibly, I'll keep you posted.

Mar 21, 2013 - Editing of Royal Pain is still going on, so I apologize for the already three month gap between the publishing of that chapter and the last. What can I say, life got in the way. In any case, writing for chapter 9 "Friend and Foe" is advancing more swiftly than I expected, so I am quite confident that there would not be such a huge gap between the posting of chapter 8 and 9. Hopefully, as some sort of consolation, I can also already say that both chapters will be +10K, so you'll definitely have something to read.

Feb 25, 2013 - Depending on the free time of my editors, I'm hoping to be able to post "Royal Pain" still in February, though a more realistic time frame would likely be somewhere in the first week of March. From now on, I hope to be able to write steadily, though due to school workload, I will make no such promises. A month, perhaps two between two chapters is something that can quickly happen. I apologize for this, though I hope you'll bear with me ^^.

Dec 5, 2012 - Out of Place, Part 2 will be published in 2012, though a more specific date is quite unknown yet. I have thought out the idea of the next three to four chapters (though chances are that they will get longer and be split up) to rather great detail. However, due to much school work and my exams starting in January (which count for 100% of my grades), I will not be able to write much any time soon. So after OoPP2, the next chapter will likely not arrive before mid February (and that's even the absolute soonest). Sorry for that delay, but I'll try to make it worth your while and I'll try to post some idea-update on here to keep you interested ;-)

Jan 3, 2012 - I had always said that once I'd finish writing the first three chapters, I'd publish the first one, so this is me keeping my word. The first chapter is, however, awaiting a final review by my editor, but once that's done, it will be published.

Due to my finals, writing progress on the next chapters will probably be slowed down.

Writing progress

Extra scene to "Chapter 4 - Lucky Encounters (HotN)"

  • Idea: Yes check Done somewhat
  • Writing: No check Not done
    • A scene between Naja, Intef, and Elaina will be added at the end of this chapter to comply with some of the FRS critique and tips. It will reveal some of Naja's background and reasons for why he does what he is doing.
  • Editing: No check Not done
  • Publishing: No check Not done

Chapter 12

  • Title: A Bad Day
  • Idea: Yes check Done
  • Writing: Yes check Done - 5415
    • My shortest chapter thus far, sorry guys!
  • Editing: Yes check Done
  • Publishing: Yes check Done

A Bad Day – Start Reading

Chapter 13

  • Title: TBA
  • Idea: Yes check Done - more or less
    • Naja makes an appearance
    • Lostris visits the festival and -shocker- things go wrong!
  • Writing: No check Not done - 6157
  • Editing: No check Not done
  • Publishing: No check Not done


Chapter 1

  • Writing - Yes check Done, 15151 words
  • Editing - Yes check Done
  • Publishing - Yes check Done, Read now

Chapter 2

  • Writing - Yes check Done, 9204 words
  • Editing - Yes check Done - 70%
  • Publishing - Yes check Done, Read now

Chapter 3

  • Writing - No check Not done, 7672 words
  • Editing - No check Not done
  • Publishing - No check Not done

Character pages

  • Lostris Tamose: 10%
  • Hanbao: Yes check Done

Current word count

  • Book One - Lost and Found: 104196 (12 chapters)


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Heiress of the Nile
Book 1 - Lost and Found
1: Dream of a Distant Past2: Sun Rise, Sons Fall3: Colors of Fire4: Lucky Encounters5: Confrontations6: Out of Place, Part 17: Out of Place, Part 28: Royal Pain9: Friend and Foe10: Betrayal11: Fate and Trust12: A Bad Day

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