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By Fruipit See other fanon and fan fiction works from Fruipit.

This is a news and updates page for series that don't actually have news and updates. This ranges from drabbles to series that I just couldn't be bothered creating a N&U page for, to one-shots that are in-progress or have been requested of me (so I don't forget, quite honestly). Not every story will be reflected here, although I will try and post some interesting statistics at the very least. I will also post likely release dates for the new stories/chapters.


And a Bottle of Rum
Untitled Toko piece
In a Glasshouse, with a Butterfly
Untitled Taang piece
What Vain Hopes
Of Burnt Badgermoles and Broken Dragons
[there is] Only One You
Battles: Tokka week, 2014




the 'fuck fruipit and her sense of 'oh, i have other stories i owe people' trilogy:
Språket (spr-or-kay)
Gjenåpne (ye-nope-ne)
Kjærlighet (k-yar-lee-hecht)
Tiny Hearts
Untitled Elsanna story
Untitled Elsanna story №2
Breaking the Ice

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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