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August 26, 2014: Almost...

The wait's nearly over, Scars is almost here! ^^" I'm just going to have to run it through my editors (shout-out to Henryjh98 for his support of Fire World since Chapter 1, thank you!) and it should be up. :) Catch you then.

August 8, 2014

So, I'm back, 50% because I finally found a break in to write in the midst of my busy-bee life and 50% because the ungodly creature this wiki knows as Sparkstoaflame has been quite persistent in her...nagging. o-o or maybe it should be called three weeks of nonstop rambling about Frozen (-_-") and how I should really get off my lazy butt and finish Scars, whiiich has coincidently been half-completed since April by this point...Heh.

All things considered, I will try my hardest to get the chapter up by the end of the month. Mmmkay? :)

(And thanks to everyone who voted FW as the featured fanon this month, I spat iced tea all over Sparks when she told me. @.@)

January 28, 2014

Aaaand hello, I'm back, and hopefully for good. :P Unfortunately, I have midterms at the moment, and I also have no idea where the document in which I had planned out the entirety of this story went to during these, what, six months? ...Well, in any case, I'll try to get Chapter Five up ASAP. Thanks for your patience, guys! :D

Also, Minnichi's review of Fire World is in the latest issue of "The Ba Sing Se Times". :) So check that out if you have some time.

July 21, 2013: Leave of Absence

I...will actually not be uploading Journey for a while. Actually, I won't be updating for a while in general. I do have Chapter Five finished, but I have decided that I will be spending more time on the rest of the chapters to fully edit and buff them up. I am well aware of the fact about how the story is progressing at a somewhat alarmingly fast pace, and important details are lost in my hurry to get the chapters themselves posted. I have, in re-reads, noticed how abrupt some of the scenes appear, and I will be going back and editing them.

Furthermore, I would like to get way ahead of the game, so I won't be stressing out every time at the end of the month (:P) to finish "Chapter X", because I did promise to update at least once or twice a month. And also so I know where to implement proper, uh, foreshadowing so that I don't regret it later. You know, if that made any sense at all.

You can expect Journey to be posted by the middle to the end of August, or a little earlier. Until then...see you! :)

June 15, 2013: Shades of Gray (4.5)

Yeah, I wasn't even planning for this mini-chapter to exist, but inspiration struck and here we are. Well...not really inspiration; it's mainly a...foreshadowing chapter? I dunno. =_=" It is a first look into a sort of spiritual conflict that the characters in Fire World will be encountering. It's pretty central to a sub-plot. Check it out! :)

June 11, 2013: Breakout

Yep, as you guys have probably noticed, I have finally posted "Chapter Four: Breakout"! :) Finals are this week, though, so it is highly unlikely that I will be able to get a chapter up before I go to the camp. So my next update will not be until the middle of July sometime, unless the camp miraculously decides that its residents are trustworthy enough to use Wi-Fi, in which case you will be seeing me around by late June or early July. ;) Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope that you enjoy Breakout!

June 1, 2013: Three Weeks' Hiatus Notice

Um, from June 22 - July 15, I'll be at some random camp where there is no Wi-Fi (D:), so that basically means no updates. I'm almost a quarter of a way through "Breakout", though, so hopefully, I'll get that up before the time comes when I have to go. ;) But I'll still be writing chapters on paper there, so after I come back, watch for a speedy update. Thanks!

May 27, 2013: Chaos

Yeah, Chaos (see below) is finally posted. Sorry for the incredibly long delay; I had a writer's block halfway through, didn't look at it for two weeks, erased everything, and I'm still not entirely satisfied, but I think that it gets the point across.

Newest Chapter

4. Breakout: Although the Water Tribe raiders are captured, one of their number has a trick up his sleeve. Meanwhile, we get introduced to a shadowy new figure, and an insightful look into Ruan's past.

Released Chapters/Word Count and Total Story Word Count

Book I: Heart
1. Power (6,803 words)
2. Resistance (6,521 words)
3. Chaos (5,796 words)
4. Breakout (6,475 words)

Total word count as of last update: 26,327.

Next Two Chapters

5. Scars (IP; ~90% complete)
The Earth Kingdom Resistance is introduced as a whole entity, and we meet a new character who has something to do with Ruan.

6. Cosmos (IP; ~10% complete)

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