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News Guidelines for Eyes of Katara

I am opening up this news article to serve as a "comment to my readers" area, a one-stop to check on progress for the next chapter. I will continue to update this as I write my chapters to show how far along I am. You may feel free to talk amongst each other in the comments section below or ask me questions and I'll consider answering you. Do bear in mind that some questions might not get a full answer though. ;)

Last Chapter: Polar Days

This next chapter is not per se going to be an EoK Chapter. This is going to be a 'short drama' series of Katara's trials at the Northern Water Tribe, as she attempted to become a waterbending master / do her best to learn all she could.
As such this is going to receive its own outline set apart from the series. I am at the moment uncertain how many chapters it will hold, I am thinking there will be one chapter per day so far. And at the moment, that has four days almost fully mapped out, and more to come. The chapters will be shorter.
Be aware I do not intend to cover all of her training sessions. Nor her eating. Nor all communication she shared with her brother. Or friends. Etc. I mean seriously; it'd be a waste of time to write out every little thing along the I'm going to try to cut to the chase of some story building elements. I hope this pans out!

Next Chapter: TBD

Following off the heels of an absolutely awful day, Katara finds that the sickness she had encountered has completely faded- much to her grateful satisfaction. She wholly intends to see this day be nothing but the reverse of the last; though her sights are focused more upon the upcoming healing test than on her waterbending lesson.

Yet; there still is the matter of Meske and his companions. Hopefully, if she can simply ignore them and stay out of their path they won't have reason to cause any trouble. Also, the nagging presence of her argument with Sokka reminds her to be responsible for their future at the NWT as well. They need income of some sort.

All the various other issues pressed before her will simply have to wait.

Of note to remind; I am sorry, but the 'Relics' issue is not coming up here. It will come up when appropriate, but it really doesn't fit into this area.

Amount Complete: 40%

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