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By Duke of Skibbington See other fanon and fan fiction works from Duke of Skibbington.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my updates page. I will try to update this page appropriately, but we all know that will not happen!

The Avatar Colosseum has finally been completed.

Just released

Here is a list of fanons written this month.



  • Chapter 7 - War of the Lotuses
  • Chapter 8 - Order in Chaos
  • Chapter 9 - Evil in the Good

Triad Territory

Triad Territory is not a major focus for the time being. Mind you, it shall be.

  • Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Front
  • Chapter 3 - Future Industries Fortress
  • Chapter 4 - The Police State
  • Chapter 5 - Divine Intervention
  • Chapter 6 - Recovery

Duchy of Skibbington

The Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington is my one-shot collection.

  • Skibbington. A story about myself.
  • God save the Fire Lady

Other news

I now have a website. I wrote the code myself. I host my fanon on it and link to here.

See more

For the collective works of the author, go here.

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