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  • If you want to get a sneak peek of the chapter that's being written currently, check out the preview.
  • I have the first three books planned out now. They are titled Innocent, Blind, and Changing. The fourth book still needs to be worked out, but it will be titled Fearless.
  • If anyone has suggestions, critism, and/or compliments for my fanon, message me!

WORD COUNT: 18,386 as of 18:01, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Just released

Chapter 6-Things Have Changed

Capital City Prison

Taiyo can't go home without revisiting the place he despised.

After learning why Taiyo is in the Fire Nation, Emi promises to get him home. However, there is a road block: Taiyo refuses to leave without his friend Akira. This is a setback, seeing as she's stuck in the Zune Kasai prison. Taiyo has a plan, but it's going to require the cooperation of everyone to pull off.

This chapter was the hardest so far and it took more than three months to finally post.

Coming up

Chapter 7-Kyoshi Island

Akira and Taiyo are back in the Earth Kingdom, but Taiyo's not home yet. They're in Kyoshi Island, where they meet many new people (Kyoshi Warriors included). Although they're living in bliss away from the Fire Nation, Emi is having some trouble. Something's wrong with her firebending and it could cost her her spot in the Academy.

Progress: 5%
as of 18:01, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

There's only a few weeks of summer left for me, but I'm hoping to be able to publish another chapter before school starts back up.

Later Chapters

As of now, there are ten parts of Book One: Innocent, not including the prologue. After Things Have Changed is another awesome chapter whose name I am not disclosing here. If you really want to know, you can look around...I feel like it's too obvious and gives away Chapter 7. Let's just say Taiyo and Akira are going to be somewhere new while Emi deals with her first problems as an elite firebender.

Ways to Help Out

I'm looking for some good pictures of the main characters Emi and Taiyo. The pictures can be on the wiki already or uploaded. Emi looks a lot like a cross between friendly-looking Azula and Suki. See her page for some inspiration. Taiyo looks like Bolin or Haru without his beard but I haven't found any good pictures of either one. Any help would be gladly accepted.

Any good picture ideas for a new main page "cover" representing the fanon would be wonderful. Any suggestions are welcome.

To Do


Chan No check Not done
Kiara No check Not done
Taiyo No check Not done
Akira No check Not done
Hiro No check Not done


Elite Nation Academy No check Not done
Zune Kasai Prison No check Not done

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