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By Sokka jr and Henryjh98 Part of the Burning Air continuity.

One boy's goal. Survive

Welcome to the update page of Burning Air by Sokka jr, and Henryjh98. Here you will learn more about The Burning Air Trilogy and the updates and release dates for all the chapters, as well as insider information.


We will be "remastering" all of the chapters thus far. So stay tuned as we reveal more of the last days of the Air Nomads.


  • Burning Air has achieved its first Fanonbending Award.
  • Burning Air has been nominated for a second Fanonbending Award by Ultimate. Support Now!
  • Burning Air has been nominated for Best New Series in he Fourth Fanon Awards. Support Now!


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Air Nomad Genocide
This user is a fan of Burning Air written by Sokka Jr and Henry.

Prologue: The Mission

Sozin watches

Summary: 12 years have past since Avatar Roku's death, and Fire Lord Sozin is preparing for all out war. However one person stands in his way, the new Avatar. Sozin knows that the new Avatar was born an Air Nomad. He assigns a mysterious solider to infiltrate the Air Temples. But will that solider make it out of the palace alive?

Complete: 100%

Beta-Reading: 100%


Book 1: Beginning of the End

The Zephyr Spy

Western Air Temple

Summary: At the Western Air Temple a mysterious man is discovered by the nomads. Severely injured and near death they try to nurse him back to health, but he must be relocated to the Southern Air Temple to finish his healing. Back at the Southern Air Temple, the Avatar has disappeared, and forcing a young airbender to assume an impossible task. Kyfu's whole life is about to change.



Reviews: Positive

Last Resort

Air swipe

Summary: Hikaze has successfully gained entrance into the Air Temples, but will he be able to keep his cover or will his emotions get the best of him. Kyfu learns that he is a Master Bender and that he is the last hope for his people, but now he must learn how to control the Master State. Meanwhile in the Fire Nation, Sozin is growing impatient fearing that his plans have all been ruined, but will a single peace of parchment tell other wise?



Reviews: Positive

State of Relocation

Southern Air Temple view

Summary: Kyfu begins his training, but his first day proves to be more than he asked for. Learning how to control the master state proves to be much harder than he thought. While traveling to the Southern Air Temple, Hikaze has some time to think about things.



Reviews: Positive


Reaching the Eastern Air Temple

Summary: Hikaze finally reaches the Southern Air Temple, but his emotions are getting in the way of his mission. He must let go of his emotions if he is ever to accomplish his goal. Kyfu begins to look deep within himself to figure out how to control the master state, but will he find what he is looking for. And will Hikaze finally find out the identity of the Avatar.



Reviews: Positive

The Master State


Summary:Kyfu makes a connection with his inner self, and meets a familiar face, who will guide him on his journey on becoming a Master bending. But he learns some surprising news. The war has already started.

Complete: 100%


Reviews: Positive

Chapters Box

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