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Welcome to my Fanon Updates Page! Here you'll find everything you need to know about what stories I'm currently working on, planning to work on, and some which will probably never see the light of day. But hey, at least I can claim that I came up with all these ideas even if I never write about them XP


Spirit of the North

So to kick things off, here is my first Fanon series that I've started, Spirit of the North. For details of the plot and characters, visit the fanon's main page.


  • 29/01/2015 Chapter 18 - Victories and Defeats (SotN) was the latest chapter released. While I haven't even started writing the next chapter yet, I have a good idea of how the rest of Book 1 will go, so I'm sure once I get back into it the chapters won't take too long to write. As mentioned on one of the chapters, I am taking a short break from the series to work on other fanon and various other things, though I am looking forward to getting back into it. :)

Theme Song

  • 29/01/2015 Yes, you read it right! SotN has a theme song! If you've read the series you may remember a certain song at the start of two of the chapters called 'Child of the Moon'? Well, I had so much fun making it up on piano that I ended up writing a whole theme song for SotN, and I'd love to share it somehow on the wikia. Watch this space ^^"

Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Jin Sang

Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Jin Sang was actually my very first fanon I'd ever thought up and written, even before I knew fanfiction was a thing :P. It still has a special place in my heart, and though I may never get around to writing it I do hope to share some of the details here.

The story is about the consequences of a second Avatar cycle, and a non-bender Avatar and his struggle to fulfill his role even when most do not believe he is meant to be the Avatar since he can't bend any of the elements. Though he is not alone; his best friend Tae Hyun, a Crystalbender who has yet to learn to bend earth due to a block in his chi pathway, and Tae's older sister Jiaying, a pure metalbender, accompany him on his journey.

Bear in mind I came up with this idea soon after Book 1 finished airing, so I had no idea about Ravaa or how the next Avatar was chosen, so I'm expecting some major rewriting due to the new information.

Gate of the Face Stealer

So... Most of you must be wondering why on earth Lucy Heartfillia from Fairy Tail is in the picture above? The answer is... AU Crossover fanfic! After making a really sarcastic comment on one of the WLS issues, I decided... Well, why not give this a try? Hopefully 'Gate of the Face Stealer' will be a funny way to combine Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fairy Tail, two of my favorite series. ^^"

Check out the main page here!


  • 29/01/15 Chapter 1 has been started! I'm thinking the whole series will be five chapters long.
  • 4/02/15 The first draft of Chapter 1 is finished!!! I decided to split it into two chapters since it was getting a wee bit long, so total chapter count may be slightly different from before.
  • 8/02/15 Finished another chapter :D Getting really excited to publish this one. I might wait another two chapters before making the main page.
  • 11/02/15 Another chapter done! I'm thinking I'll have the main page up in another day or two.
  • 28/02/15 Wow... My last update was so long ago and I was supposed to have it all done by now :L But I have finished main image so I hope it won't be too much longer till I have the first chapters out :)
  • 11/03/15 Finally!!!! The Main Page and image are complete! Feel free to take a look. :)
  • 14/03/15 First two chapters are up, and the third going through the editing process. Also have done most of chapter 4 so they should both be out soon.
  • 16/04/15 So... Haven't had an update for a while 9_9. Progress is a little slow, and while I have finished the next chapter I'd had hoped to release two at the same time. Should have them out within the next two weeks. :)

Warriors of Makapu

Another series which I may never get around to actually doing... To be honest I've kinda lost a little motivation to do this one, though it is still a story that I love. I just really wanted to see Meng find her 'man with big ears' and it ended up turning into this long adventure XD. Warriors of Makapu follows the lives of Meng, Poi, Ping, Aunt Wu, and many others living in Makapu village during the time of the Hundred-Year War. After tragedy befalls the peaceful village, Meng and many others, inspired by the Avatar and his friends who had visited their home not so long ago, decide to take up arms against the Fire Nation.


  • 29/01/15 A Thousand Days is a one-shot I wrote for a Fanonbenders' contest, which features Meng and her master, Piandao. As for the actual chapters for the story, I can't say when they will be released, though hopefully after another few months!

Equality for All

I had a brainwave the other day and thought I'd better get the idea down. So basically, the story is still about Ming-Hua, but it follows the journey of her brother (an OC I'm still making up) who ends up getting involved with the Equalists to seek justice upon those White Lotus members who were responsible for taking his sister's arms away (it's an AU :P ). Still in progress, but I think the story is starting to come together nicely. :)

The Legend of Korra Book 4: Retribution

A four-part series of how I would have ended things for Book 4. It will feature Korra dealing with her connection to her past lives, the weird hallucination of herself she keeps seeing, and will wrap up the Earth Empire story with a battle on the Fire Nation harbour.

Click here to start reading now!

  • 11/04/2016 So I haven't even touched this page in a long time... :L But, I'm excited to say that one chapter is already finished, the main image in the final stages of editing, and about half of chapter two is done (a draft though). I also have the wonderfully talented (and avid LoK critic) Mage helping me as an editor/beta reader, so hopefully some of the issues in LoK can be resolved in this story. XD
  • 2/08/16 Forgot I even had an updates page... but things are starting to progress nicely. The second chapter is currently being edited and the first two parts will be released soon. :)



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