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By VJavatar Part of the Azula's Revenge continuity.


  • Azula's Revenge is now completed. A reflection by the author is forth-coming.
  • The End Battle pt. 2 is out now.
  • The End Battle pt. 1 is out now!
  • Azula's Revenge is currently inactive.
  • A page for review of Azula's Revenge will be out soon!
  • A new review of Revenge is out, see it here.
  • Azula's Revenge has been given the rating PG, for slight violence.
  • Book two episode five, the Air Nation Temples, is out!
  • The first character page, Aang is currently being written and will be released On Azula's Revenge Wiki on March 4th. It will then be released on Avatar Wiki on March 10th.
  • A new image for Azula's Revenge has been released.

Pages to be created

  • Aang
  • All other characters


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