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Behind the scenes 2: character pages and chapter 5

Greetings, my beloved readers!

Again, it's Elementaldrift, with another behind the scenes. In this article I will discuss the upcoming chapter, as well as the promised character pages.

I guess I'm halfway making chapter 5. I started working on it a little bit later as I wanted, but I also had a summer festival where I needed to preform with my band. I love working on my fanon, but I also have other things I like to do. I guess I guess I need max. 2 days to finish chapter 5, and then I will inmidiately start working on chapter 6.

Also, I almost finished the character pages for Isamu and Emma, and for 2 characters who will make their appearance later in the series. So, be sure to keep reading if you want to know who these mysterious characters are! I don't know when I am able to find the time to upload them, but I will guarantee you it will be before next Wednesday.

Keep on bending!


Chapter 3 released!

Hail readers!

ElementalDrift here, with good news: I just finished chapter 3 and it is online as we are speaking! To spare you some clicking, I have a link right here. Like I mentioned in Behind the scenes 1, the chapter is called 'discoveries' and continues the story about Isamu and Emma. I also started working op chapter 4, but I'm not gonna tell you what the name of that chapter is. The first three ones were a gift, the ones that are coming up (and I have planned a lot of them!) are a work of guessing! ^^

Also, to bring you some bad news: I scrapped the art of the characters (for now). The main reason is that I want to focus on the story, and save the extras for later. However, if you have an idea how Emma and Isamu should look like, send me a message to my profile which includes a link to your picture. Don't forget to mention that it contains art for the fanon: otherwise I WILL NOT OPEN IT!

While I'm writing this, I would also like to take the time to thank Unnamed Airbender and Lady Lostris, who helped me out in the beginning. I forgot to fill in the categories for my fanon, simply because I didn't know how to. Luckily, Lady Lostris and Unnamed Airbender filled them in for me and now I know how to do it myself. Many thanks for them, these people are reasons why this wiki is kept tidy and easy to understand!

Keep on bending!


Behind the scenes 1: upcoming art and chapter 3!

Hello fellow readers!

ElementalDrift here. I just wanted to let you know that I am currently working on Episode 3, discoveries, which should take about 2 days to finish. Since I have vacation, I have plenty of time to work on the chapters, and maybe I have the first book finished in August. I can't tell you how many episode there will be: I don't want to rush the story at the expense of the quality. Please be patient!

Also, I started working on art, which includes Isamu and Emma for now (More characters will be added to the future) and it should be finished in two weeks. The art is drawn by hand, will appear in the style of the original Avatar series and will appear in black and white. I have quite some experience with drawing, but I'm not a master at it: if you think you can do it better, send me a link on my message wall which includes a link to your art. Maybe I will use it on the character pages!

That would be everything for now. Keep on bending!


Just released

- Chapter 3: Discoveries

Coming up

- More chapters!
- Character pages

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