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After considering the idea for some time, I finally got around to making a general news and updates page for my works on the fanon portal. This will include all my future stories and other endeavors on here, and I will update it as periodically as I find myself able to.

Upcoming Projects

Beginnings Revisited

Setting: The Avatar World
Plot: TBA
Word count: 0
Style: third-person
Genre: Adventure
Progress: 0%

FRS Reviews

Current Review:

  • Reading - 100%
  • Evaluating - Yes check Done
  • Published - Yes check Done

ARG Presents

The Legend of Ong 3 aka The Legend of Morra

Setting: A few years following The Legend of Ong 2
Plot: Tenzin has introduced Kaddo to The Legend of Ong and things get ugly when they talk about its sequel series with their friends.
Word count: 5463
Style: third-person
Genre: Parody
Progress: Yes check Done

The Consultant 2

Setting: Immediately following The Consultant.
Plot: When Team Avatar encounters the Consultant again, things get just as out of hand as the first time, if not moreso
Word count: 12,329
Style: third-person
Genre: Parody
Progress: Yes check Done

Untitled one-shot 1

Setting: TBA
Note: I'm trying something new with this. We'll see how it goes!

Untitled one-shot 2

Setting: Long after the Hundred Year War

Memories of a Darkened Moon

Setting: Post-Hundred Year War

Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes

Main article: News and updates for Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes

Setting: The Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation during and around the time of the Siege of Ba Sing Se
Plot: A historical saga where the heroine falls in love with the enemy general's son, who's supposed to marry the princess. She rides a dragon into battle and burns down the entire country. Then she jumps into a volcano. It's a romance.
Word count: 139,098
Style: third-person
Genre: Drama/Romance/Action/ Adventure/Tragedy
Progress: 33.33%

Upcoming chapters

  • Chapter 66: Darkest Hour - 5-10%
  • Chapter 67: TBA - 0%
  • Chapter 68: TBA - 0%
  • Chapter 69: TBA - 0%
  • Chapter 70: TBA - 0%

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