By Sep0815 Part of the Avatar: The War of the Worlds continuity.

Here you will be able to find information on upcoming chapters of my fanon story, Avatar: The War of the Worlds, as well as other.

Just released

Finally, after some... well, after some idiocy of mine...

Writing Progress and stuff

The story's over, what reason would I have to still post something around here? Oh, I could inform you about the planned sequel, but, well... it's gonna be looooong before I'm coming to that one.

Art and more

Well, my dear readers, I currently am working on character sketches (of the main characters) and on two more ones, one of the HMS Nemesis (the European Space Fleet's flagship, for those who don't remember it) and of the Valkyrie (Mike's personal hyperspace-going fighter-bomber). And don't expect me to draw some kind of background!


Any help, if it's in artistic way as written above, in editing or in grammar and spelling, is welcome and needed. Seriously.

See more

For the collective works of the author, go here.

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