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48px-4763232.png From the Author:
Master Ratava

Hello Everyone, how are you doing?
This is the Avatar: The First Skybender's News & Updates page, and it will be here that I shall get you in touch on how my progress is being and with what it is going to happen on future chapters. Here will be also where I might get in contact with you, more specifically: readers, so I can see your reaction about my fanon's planning. Some information will not be told, so you won't be suffering for so many spoilers, however, you shall get alert on what are you going to read in here. Be aware, there will be some spoilers around, and if you dislike having them, please read all published chapters, so you won't need to worry about that circunstance anymore.
Part of the past information published here will be on the archives, every each update. So, don't worry if you may lose an edition, you can always get to the archives and read what has passed.
The pages listed will not be taken off, as long as a proper page/template for them is done. Like the chapters' one. This section is going to be updated each time I publish a new chapter. And the ones registered on the subscription archive will be receiving the newsletter, so you won't have to worry about having to check the fanon's main page, or here, as long as you subscript yourselves.
As my fanon is a work of a team, if you feel confident enough (about your free time schedule indeed), please contact me so we can talk about your interest in joining The First Skybender Team. ^_~v
Feel free to ask anything, and welcome on board!

Master Ratava

special features
A:TFS latest chapters
Transparente Chapter Two:
Flying Cloud Odin
Transparente Chapter One:
The Southwestern Storm
Transparente Prologue:
The Blackbirds Guild
March 12th, 2012
48px-4763232.png Important Warning Notes:
Master Ratava
  • Again, please, be aware of the collapsed box on the top of each page. Notice boxes are listed there for a reason.
  • My excitedly nervous anxiety about Avatar: The First Skybender is getting controlled at last. I'm not freaking out as I was before. xD'
  • It's been a little time since I'm almost by myself on this project. However, after having done Ghosty's interview, I've been counting on him to be my Beta-Reader; and plus that since last week as Siron has published Republic City: Rise of Equalists, he volunteered to help me too. Now A:TFS has two beta-readers! \o/
48px-4763232.png Main Guideline Topics:
Master Ratava
  • Publishing Frequency: that point is still unstable, unfortunately.
  • Central Background Characters' Story Plots: this is being creating by itself. I know it sounds strange to say the story has its own heart, but it is not so weird thinking this way. What I do know is that sometimes the script does some unpredicted turns and becomes something different from what I'd had in mind. So I still have to learn how dwell with A:TFS own will.
  • Journey's Path: a few pages will have to be made as time passes.
  • Number of Chapters per Book: I have in mind that there will be at least eight chapters per book minimum. But I see that I wouldn't like to have less the twelve. So, if I can make twelve, why not extend them to twenty? But what matters is not quantity, is quality. So I won't worry about it. I just want a pattern, of course.
  • Who is the Avatar: it's decided. But depending on the reception it may still be changed. ^_~v
48px-4763232.png General Announcement News:
Master Ratava
  • Finally today, I've finished writing chapter two. And already sent it to the beta-readers. I hope they reply soon.
48px-4763232.png Fanon Update Progress:
Master Ratava

Plot Research

  • Feng Shui (風水).
  • Wu Xing (五行).
  • I Ching (易經).
  • Ba Gua (八卦).
  • Tarot.
  • Astrology.
  • Wicca.
  • Buddhism.
  • Hinduism.
  • Shintoism.
  • Taoism.
  • Greek Mythology.
  • Celtic Mythology.
  • Nordic Mythology.

Previous Chapter

The Southwestern Storm

  • Status: Aired.
    • Editing: No check
      • Just need to wait until some additional pages are made, so I can link them there.
      • Add a Soundtrack Section: music I listened to when I've written it, or music that reminds me of this part of the story.

Current Chapter

Flying Cloud Odin

  • Status: Aired
    • Writing: 100% Yes check
      • Beta-Reading: 100% Yes check
    • Publishing: 100% Yes check
      • Editing: No check

Next Chapter


  • Status: Named. Yes check
    • Writing: 00% No check → 100% No check
      • Reviewing: No check
    • Publishing: No check
      • Editing: No check

Fanon Course Sneak Peek

<Insert Upcoming Chapters Names Here>

  • Idea:
  • Writing:
48px-4763232.png Saga Mythology Scenario Pages:
Master Ratava





Nature Species


  • Alliances
  • Crews
  • Families
  • Fraternities
  • Groups
  • Societies
  • Squads
  • Teams
Bending Arts
48px-4763232.png Custom Templates Progress:
Master Ratava

Custom Infoboxes Templates

Custom Infoboxes will be:

  • User.
  • Series.
  • Chapter.
  • Character.
  • Bending Art.
  • War.
  • Battle.
  • Duel.
  • Event.
  • Government.
  • Organization.
  • Location.
  • Fauna.
  • Flora.
  • Status: Colour Pattern Choosing. 15% Yes check → 100% No check
    • Coding: 00% Yes check → 100% No check
      • Reviewing: No check
    • Publishing: Yes check
      • Editing: No check
48px-4763232.png Subscriptions:
Master Ratava


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48px-4763232.png Readers Reception:
Master Ratava

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