50px-11488851.png By Snivystorm Part of the Avatar: Cosmic Energy continuity.

Links For Released Chapters

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Prologue: The Night Before - Chapter 1: Meeting with the Avatar - Chapter 2: The Lost Scrolls - Chapter 3: Time to Reunite - Chapter 4: The Duo Together Once More - Chapter 5: A Warning Part 1 - A Warning Part 2 - Chapter 7: The Lord In A Shack - Chapter 8: Lost - Chapter 9: The Unexpected Betrayal

Coming Up

1. Chapters 4-6 will be released after being rewritten due to criticism in Toph and Sokka's character development.

2. I'll be releasing chapters 10 and 11 whenever I finally have enough free time to get this Fanon back on track.

3. The Prologue has been released.

4. I will be editing in small sections in to chapters 7 and 8 due to their extreme shortness and me not being happy with a certain aspect.

Special News

I've finished planning the third draft of the story because of the review and I can promise you all that it has never ever been done in the Fanon portal, that is until now.

The first review of the Fanon is released. You can find it here. It was reviewed by retiring Avatar reviewer, Mageddon725. Given the review, I will delay releasing newer chapters yet again until I've improved the first nine chapters up to standard as pointed out in the review. Sorry in advance.

I have been interviewed about myself and my Fanon. Here it is! Interviewed by Fruipit herself. Hope you guys enjoy the interview!

Other Pages (character, events, locations etc.)

I won't be doing any character pages or events pages etcetera until I have finished the story, so then I can focus on that all at once rather than have myself try to multitask them all at once.

Short answer : it's just the smart and convient way to do things. It also would weaken the writing as I'd be rushing the writing to release the other pages.

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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