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This is the news and updates page for Avatar: Beyond the Void.

27 April 2014

Due to the approach of exams and tests, it has been incredibly difficult for me to be writing while these are going on. I will be making small updates and additions to the fanon, but ultimately they will be lesser and nothing will be set by a date because it will become impossible to meet up with them (as they already have).

Therefore, as of now until the exam season ends, the continuation of this fanon will be slowed and the next chapters will be put on hold until I have time to write them. The forthcoming chapter will be done when it's done and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing to my subscriber (or -s) and to anyone that is reading it. Please understand. .

25 May 2014

I have published another chapter, but I am still not finished with exams. There will still be no confirmed date on the next chapter, and there still won't be until the exams are finished.

Thank you to anyone who was waiting patiently for the next chapter, and thank you for being patient still. This means a lot that people are reading this fanon. .

4 July 2014

Exams are all finished and the new chapter has been published at last. I'm not saying that will write the chapters faster, but I am going to try and publish a new chapter every two weeks or so. For all my subscribers, as they already are aware of, if I run late on the deadline, the first POV will be readable to them as apologies for the delay.

Thank you for your support for the series.

7 November 2014

Before anyone asks; no I am not dead and no I haven't given up on the series. Progress has been slow due to long projects taking up a lot of time and the time I do have gets distracted easily, which I apologize for. With all the LOK stuff happening, it is hard to keep up with continuity at the moment with all the new revelations happening (Chief Sokka much?)

It would have been easier if LOK Book 4 was broadcasting a year later so it wouyld be easier to divide my attention, but I'm not complaining that I don't enjoy it coming out so early.

I am making a promise right now to let out a POV this weekend and finishing up the next chapter in two weeks time. Thank you for your patience. .

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